Monday, October 10, 2016

"Double Trouble" | Scrapbook Layout

Hi there! I'm back today to share a fun little layout capturing the mischievous side of our little Austen, and where (who!) he gets it from!

I love this photo. Jason was giving the boys a bath, and they have little water guns that they play with in the tub. I took this in the evening after I had been taking pictures for Day in the Life all day. Jason was more than just a little tired of it (I think he was 'a little' tired of it by about 11am...haha). So as I was snapping away, getting a bathtime picture, he started shooting me with a water gun! Of course, Austen was quite amused by it. You can tell where he gets his sense of mischief from... (not myself, or his brother, who are both rule-followers!) I just love the look in both of their eyes. Truly double trouble!

For the design, I used a sketch from the Simple Scrapper membership (#285) and used mostly the Crate Paper Cool Kid collection. With two young boys (and one old one who acts like a young one!), I am loving this collection!

Once again, I'm glad to be using up those Thickers (from the Amy Tangerine Plus One collection?) from my stash as well. For a finishing touch, I added some silver Heidi Swapp Color Shine. Love how this layout turned out!

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Monday, October 3, 2016

"Off He Goes" | Scrapbook Layout

Well, some exciting stuff happened around here this September, one of them being JJ started Preschool! He goes Monday-Wednesday-Friday for two-and-a-half hours in the morning, and he's been loving it! I'm so glad! I was a little nervous for him to be in a totally new environment, with no one else that he knows (a typical Mom worry, I'm sure), but he has made the transition so smoothly. The first morning when I dropped him off, he barely even noticed that I left, he was so busy exploring the classroom. Meanwhile, I was the one with tears in my eyes! Haha!

Of course, I had to make a scrapbook page for such a momentous occasion!

I used a sketch from Crafty Jen Schow and Tracie Claiborne's Ready Sketch Go Vol. 1 class to get started. I've realized lately how useful sketches are for me in my scrapping process. I've been having much more success and been able to get my pages done quicker (which is relative.... I am still an incredibly slow scrapper!) since I've begun starting out with a sketch.

I mostly used Crate Paper's Cool Kid collection for this page, just adding in a paper from Elle's Studio's Sunny Days collection as a background, and some Thickers that have been in my stash forever.

Full disclosure... I had to re-take this 'First day of school' picture three times, because apparently I cannot spell the word September for the life of me. I was so happy to have gotten a really cute picture as he went off to his first day of school, only to find once I looked back at the pictures, that I had spelled it "Septmeber". Ugh. So I 'fixed' it, re-took the photo.... went to the edit them, and then noticed that I had spelled it "Septmber" this time! Finally, third time was a charm, and I was able to spell the word correctly (!!!), and get a cute picture to boot. Oh boy... Can you say 'mom brain'??

Anyways, I'm so happy with how this page turned out, and that it finally got me back in a scrapping mood again! I'll be back in a few days to share another layout!

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Around Here | September 2016

Around here we traded in our Ford Edge became proud new owners of a truck and a camper trailer! Yay! So looking forward to doing some camping next year! (The previous owner had already winterized the camper for this year). 

Around here JJ started preschool, and he is loving it. It's so awesome to see him growing up and getting some independence. His teachers are both really great as well. We're so happy with how this transition has gone!

Around here our little wild child, Austen, turned two and had the best time at his birthday party! We went to a children's play centre, and everyone had a blast!

Around here Jason and I celebrated our seven-year wedding anniversary! Time sure flies! September has been a very full and busy month, so we haven't had time to do anything for it... but hopefully we'll get a chance for a date night this month.

Around here we've been having some spectacular fall sunsets. I'm probably in the minority around here, but fall is my fave! No one else seems to want summer to end, but I'm fine with it :) 

Around here Austen has started Kindermusik for the fall, and it is not going well. He has no interest in it, and just wants to escape the classroom and play in the hall by himself the whole time... ugh.

Around here I got a new iPhone 6s! I've had a Samsung Galaxy S5 for the past two years, and just wasn't happy with the photo quality I was getting (which seems weird, since all I ever read is about people getting awesome photos out of their Samsung phones...) I'm getting much better results with my iPhone!

Around here I've gotten back into a scrapbooking groove, thankfully. I have a few layouts to share in the next couple of weeks :) 

Around here we discovered that Austen can open the front door by himself one day when Jason got home from work. Austen was so excited to see him, he opened the door.... and let all three dogs out at the same time. Milo didn't get far, but Jason had to chase Parker and Maggie for a good 10-15 minutes before he caught them.

Around here the boys have gone from sleeping in relatively late, to being early risers (usually sometime just after 6am). For this mama who is not a morning person... that is just too early. (I know, we've been spoiled to this point!)

Around here I had so much fun on my 'date' with JJ - we went to a Winnipeg Jets pre-season game. He is hockey and Jets obsessed, and we had so much fun! Had some treats, watched a good game, and even got to get a picture with the mascot, Mick E. Moose. So much fun

How was your September??

Around Here | August 2016

**Ooops, just getting ready to post September's 'Around Here' and noticed I never posted August's!**

Around here we just got back from four days at my parent's cabin. The boys were great on the 6+ hour drive, and we had so much fun - fishing, 'exploring', and relaxing. There is no cell/internet service there, and it was so nice to be 'unplugged' for a couple of days.

Around here our little spider-monkey Austen started escaping his crib, resulting in me immediately moving his mattress right onto the floor and crossing my fingers that would be enough. It wasn't. He was still escaping. The novelty thankfully wore off after a day or two, and for now, he is staying put in his crib. Hopefully for a while.... ugh... I'm so not ready for him to be in a bed!

Around here we've started looking at trucks and camper trailers... A little late for this year, but hoping to have both in place for the beginning of next years camping season!

Around here I've been feeling super uninspired to scrapbook... which isn't good because I just got a bunch of awesome new product! My creative block is coming from the photo/story side... hoping it disappears soon.

Around here JJ is very anxiously awaiting the Banjo Bowl (football game with our CFL team). We've heard about it pretty much non-stop for the past couple months, but the talk is really ramping up now since the game is just over a week away!

Around here this soup has quickly become a family favourite, and a new addition to our meal rotation. Sooooo good!

Around here I am having mixed feelings about JJ starting pre-school next week! Excited for him to gain some independence, but sad/nervous/anxious that my little boy is growing up!

Around here I'm happy that I'm making it a priority to hang out with a good friend that I *hadn't been* making it a priority to hang out with.

How was your August?

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Project Life 2016 | June Pages

Hi everyone! Today I'm sharing my June 2016 pages I created through Cathy Zielske's Scrapbook Your Year class. As I explained in my last post, this is what I'm doing for my 'project life' album for this year, after a change in course.

I'm actually finding it a lot easier to just leave it at pictures (and not tell every little detail) than I thought it would be. A few little stories throughout the pages, and a recap at the end, and it's good. Anything I feel deserves more of a 'story' will be told on it's own layout.

So here's a look at my pages for June!

Just lots of pieces of everyday life, and I love the simplicity of it!

I included one full page about my cousin's engagement party, just because I had a few pictures from it that I really liked, but yet, I don't plan on doing an actual layout on it. It was a special enough occasion to warrant a full page out of the month, though :)

And that's June! Next up, May! We had a 2+ week trip to Florida in May, so wish me luck on culling down all those pictures...

Edited to add: I forgot to mention, the "Family Privacy" label was a freebie from Cathy Zielske's blog that you can find here. It also includes a "Kid Privacy" and "Teen Privacy" label :)

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

"Grandpa's Moustache" | Scrapbook Layout

Hello! Today I'm sharing fun little layout I made about my son, and the weird fascination he has with my Dad's moustache. These two are always so silly together, and it was fun to capture some of that. One day JJ just got really obsessed with my Dad's moustache, and would just randomly come up to him and try to touch it... which then always turned into a game/tickle fight. This lasted a few months. It's died down recently, so I'm glad I documented it before I forgot about this funny little exchange they regularly would have. 

Here's a closer look at the page:

I used a lot of Shimelle's Starshine collection here (love that alpha set!), as well as some items from the Elle's Studio Sunny Days Bits & Pieces. They go so well together and are perfect for stories about the boys. I've made my own little 'kit' with a bunch of coordinating items from those lines, and a few other bits and pieces.

I love those little wood veneer stars! They were from one of my Citrus Twist kits, I believe.

A fun page, for a fun story. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Project Life 2016 Update & July 2016 Pages!

Well, as you've probably noticed, it's been a little quiet here lately on the Project Life front.  After starting out fairly strong and consistent, I totally lost steam around the end of March, and haven't completed much for my album since then. In the past few weeks, I tried to get back on track, but I've just felt totally unmotivated. Which is funny, since I have been in a pretty good scrapbooking groove in terms of traditional pages.

I took a look back through what I had accomplished in my album so far, and wasn't in love with it. I didn't hate it, but I didn't feel excited looking through it. It looked disjointed to me. There were a few spreads that I really loved, but as a whole I wasn't happy. At the same time, I knew I really wanted some kind of "2016" album - a look at our whole year. I have missed having that in the last few years, and it was one thing I really wanted to accomplish this year.

I'll spare you all of the back and forth and mulling over I did in my head, but my solution is to switch back to doing digital, once again. You can read here about my original decision to try out a physical album this year (and some foreshadowing on why I should have just gone digital from the beginning!)

Along with switching to digital, I'm switching my approach from weekly to monthly. I actually signed up for Cathy Zielske's Scrapbook Your Year class once I decided to make the change to digital. (PS, if you are feeling overwhelmed with documenting the day to day, I highly recommend this class!) Her approach is to document the highlights of the month, and not worry about catching every little detail. Which I am fine with. Now that I've gotten into the swing of creating more physical, traditional pages, I feel much better about my "Project Life" album being an overview, or highlights of our year.

So far I've completed my pages for July, and I plan on working backwards. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about January through March of this year... since I already have those documented... I may just re-do them, but still save those few spreads that I really love. We'll see!

Here's what my July pages look like! I'm not worrying about how many 'spreads' each month is going to be. I'm just picking out highlights, and whatever that works out to, it works out to!

And a closer look at the individual pages

As you can see, it's all mostly pictures. A few short stories here and there, and then a monthly recap at the end. I came up with this just by looking through the pictures and telling what needed to be told, as well as thinking about anything of significance that happened that I didn't have a photo of. I was considering adding a few digital brushes to some photos, here and there, just because I have so many I figured, why not. But after it took me 5+ minutes of trying to look for a 'perfect' brush for just one photo I realized, I am already getting away from what this is supposed to be. Simple, and easy, and a highlight of our month. So no brushes. Just the basics.

I'm happy with how this turned out. I had 500+ photos from July, and was still able to tell the story of 'our month' with 33 photos. This month was a full one, event-wise for use (a few birthday parties, a family reunion, family get-togethers, etc.) and I've decided that anything where I want to include multiple photos, or there is a bigger story, will just get its own layout. It may be as simple as just slipping some photos into pocket pages with a few journaling cards, or a full traditional layout, in all it's embellished glory. 

I'm also going to list those here, mostly as a way to keep track for myself, and to refer to when I am thinking of layouts to do.

July's Additional Stories
+ Playing baseball @ Mom & Dad's - 'Fathers Day' get-together
+ 2016 VEHVA family reunion
+ The boys getting their tractors
+ JJ playing hockey - "I'm Byfuglien, who are you?"

So that, in a very big nutshell, is my Project Life update. I'm going to continue to work backwards until at least April, so hopefully I will have those to share with you in the next little while. Thanks for stopping by today!