Saturday, August 20, 2016

Project Life 2016 | June Pages

Hi everyone! Today I'm sharing my June 2016 pages I created through Cathy Zielske's Scrapbook Your Year class. As I explained in my last post, this is what I'm doing for my 'project life' album for this year, after a change in course.

I'm actually finding it a lot easier to just leave it at pictures (and not tell every little detail) than I thought it would be. A few little stories throughout the pages, and a recap at the end, and it's good. Anything I feel deserves more of a 'story' will be told on it's own layout.

So here's a look at my pages for June!

Just lots of pieces of everyday life, and I love the simplicity of it!

I included one full page about my cousin's engagement party, just because I had a few pictures from it that I really liked, but yet, I don't plan on doing an actual layout on it. It was a special enough occasion to warrant a full page out of the month, though :)

And that's June! Next up, May! We had a 2+ week trip to Florida in May, so wish me luck on culling down all those pictures...

Edited to add: I forgot to mention, the "Family Privacy" label was a freebie from Cathy Zielske's blog that you can find here. It also includes a "Kid Privacy" and "Teen Privacy" label :)

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

"Grandpa's Moustache" | Scrapbook Layout

Hello! Today I'm sharing fun little layout I made about my son, and the weird fascination he has with my Dad's moustache. These two are always so silly together, and it was fun to capture some of that. One day JJ just got really obsessed with my Dad's moustache, and would just randomly come up to him and try to touch it... which then always turned into a game/tickle fight. This lasted a few months. It's died down recently, so I'm glad I documented it before I forgot about this funny little exchange they regularly would have. 

Here's a closer look at the page:

I used a lot of Shimelle's Starshine collection here (love that alpha set!), as well as some items from the Elle's Studio Sunny Days Bits & Pieces. They go so well together and are perfect for stories about the boys. I've made my own little 'kit' with a bunch of coordinating items from those lines, and a few other bits and pieces.

I love those little wood veneer stars! They were from one of my Citrus Twist kits, I believe.

A fun page, for a fun story. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Project Life 2016 Update & July 2016 Pages!

Well, as you've probably noticed, it's been a little quiet here lately on the Project Life front.  After starting out fairly strong and consistent, I totally lost steam around the end of March, and haven't completed much for my album since then. In the past few weeks, I tried to get back on track, but I've just felt totally unmotivated. Which is funny, since I have been in a pretty good scrapbooking groove in terms of traditional pages.

I took a look back through what I had accomplished in my album so far, and wasn't in love with it. I didn't hate it, but I didn't feel excited looking through it. It looked disjointed to me. There were a few spreads that I really loved, but as a whole I wasn't happy. At the same time, I knew I really wanted some kind of "2016" album - a look at our whole year. I have missed having that in the last few years, and it was one thing I really wanted to accomplish this year.

I'll spare you all of the back and forth and mulling over I did in my head, but my solution is to switch back to doing digital, once again. You can read here about my original decision to try out a physical album this year (and some foreshadowing on why I should have just gone digital from the beginning!)

Along with switching to digital, I'm switching my approach from weekly to monthly. I actually signed up for Cathy Zielske's Scrapbook Your Year class once I decided to make the change to digital. (PS, if you are feeling overwhelmed with documenting the day to day, I highly recommend this class!) Her approach is to document the highlights of the month, and not worry about catching every little detail. Which I am fine with. Now that I've gotten into the swing of creating more physical, traditional pages, I feel much better about my "Project Life" album being an overview, or highlights of our year.

So far I've completed my pages for July, and I plan on working backwards. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about January through March of this year... since I already have those documented... I may just re-do them, but still save those few spreads that I really love. We'll see!

Here's what my July pages look like! I'm not worrying about how many 'spreads' each month is going to be. I'm just picking out highlights, and whatever that works out to, it works out to!

And a closer look at the individual pages

As you can see, it's all mostly pictures. A few short stories here and there, and then a monthly recap at the end. I came up with this just by looking through the pictures and telling what needed to be told, as well as thinking about anything of significance that happened that I didn't have a photo of. I was considering adding a few digital brushes to some photos, here and there, just because I have so many I figured, why not. But after it took me 5+ minutes of trying to look for a 'perfect' brush for just one photo I realized, I am already getting away from what this is supposed to be. Simple, and easy, and a highlight of our month. So no brushes. Just the basics.

I'm happy with how this turned out. I had 500+ photos from July, and was still able to tell the story of 'our month' with 33 photos. This month was a full one, event-wise for use (a few birthday parties, a family reunion, family get-togethers, etc.) and I've decided that anything where I want to include multiple photos, or there is a bigger story, will just get its own layout. It may be as simple as just slipping some photos into pocket pages with a few journaling cards, or a full traditional layout, in all it's embellished glory. 

I'm also going to list those here, mostly as a way to keep track for myself, and to refer to when I am thinking of layouts to do.

July's Additional Stories
+ Playing baseball @ Mom & Dad's - 'Fathers Day' get-together
+ 2016 VEHVA family reunion
+ The boys getting their tractors
+ JJ playing hockey - "I'm Byfuglien, who are you?"

So that, in a very big nutshell, is my Project Life update. I'm going to continue to work backwards until at least April, so hopefully I will have those to share with you in the next little while. Thanks for stopping by today!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Around Here | July 2016

Around here Austen's Toy Story obsession continues. His favourite character is Woody, followed very closely by Jesse and Buzz. He plays with JJ's Woody toy every morning as soon as he gets up (it's the first thing he asks for). And I probably have most of the three movies' dialogue memorized, ha!

Around here we bought the boys their (veeeeery) early Birthday/Christmas presents. They each got a battery operated ride-on - a tractor, and a quad. They've been loving driving them around the park at the end of the street. 

Around here I've been reading a lot of Liane Moriarty. I read Big Little Lies a few months ago and loved it. This month I've read "What Alice Forgot", and have just moved onto "The Husband's Secret". She has such an amazing way of creating suspense and weaving stories together. 

Around here I have been on a scrapbooking roll! After finally watching a bunch of videos from the Paperclipping membership I started feeling super inspired to start making some traditional pages. I've kind of fallen off of the Project Life bandwagon... but more on that in a future post.

Around here we've been having some trying times with Austen. I think the Terrible Twos are hitting a bit early. Lots of crying, screaming and tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants (or just randomly sometimes). I think his teeth were bugging him too.

Around here our social calendar has been full once again - birthday parties, a family reunion, wedding anniversary celebration, visits with out of town family, and a few social evenings with friends. A lot of swimming involved in there as well. 

Around here I've been dreaming of another trip to Yellowstone. I don't think it's in the cards for a few more years (until the boys are a bit older), but I'm getting impatient. Working on my Yellowstone scrapbook isn't helping matters...

Around here I had a bit of a mishap where I *almost* lost about $800 is cash. I had money to deposit at the bank and had it in 2 envelopes, and I distractedly put the envelopes on the car as I buckled JJ into his car seat. Then forgot about them, got in the car myself, and drove away. Somehow one envelope got stuck in a crevice in the car and made it along for the 20-minute drive. The other envelope and a tin with a gift card fell off right in front of our house and was thankfully recovered. Turned out to by my lucky day!

How was your July??

Friday, July 29, 2016

"Also Known As..." | Scrapbook Layout

I'm back today to share a fun layout I made about JJ! Around here, he probably gets called by a nickname more often than his actual name, and we have quite a few to choose from! I thought it would be fun to have them all together on a layout. I'm also going to create a few separate layouts for some of the nicknames that have a bit more story behind them. I used the super fun and bright "Sunny Days" collection by Elle's Studio, which goes perfect with this cheerful story.

I created the white base with the nicknames in Photoshop. I just created a brush file for each nickname I included so that I could randomly stamp them all over the page. I put some on a different layer with a low opacity to get some variation in the 'ink' colours and saturation, so it would look as if I actually double stamped them.

Looking at the finished spread, I wish that I had made the blue 'base' paper a little smaller, and had more of the yellow at the top... I think that would have looked a little better design-wise, but oh well. I'm still really happy with how this layout turned out.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

"The Homestead at Old Chico" | Scrapbook Layout

I was able to knock out two more pages for our Yellowstone album this weekend! Yay! I'm feeling super inspired to scrap right now... which feels great after going through a few months of not really feeling like scrapping at all. Just the ebbs and the flows.

For this spread I documented the awesome little log cabin we stayed in for our trip. I loved it. It was one of the highlights of the trip for me. I will probably end up saying that about almost everything... haha! But this is a major highlight. I've always wanted to live in a log cabin (the Laura Ingalls in me, I suppose), so staying in one for those few days will have to do for me, for now! It was the cutest little cabin, that was actually built in the 1800's in Helena, then bought and moved to this area about 30 minutes outside of the park. It's been renovated to have modern necessities (running water, a shower, etc.), but still keeps it's rustic charm. I loved it. It is also nestled right into the mountains pretty much, so stunning scenery all around it. I hope that whenever we end up making our way back to Yellowstone that we are able to stay in it again.

Anyways, onto the page. After seeing this page by Mary Ann Jenkins on the Paper Issues blog, I knew that I would have to scraplift it. I love that mountain paper from the Pink Paislee Outfitters line, but didn't really know how to use it. Once I saw what she had done, I thought a similar design would work out great for my cabin photos, and I love how this spread has turned out!

I love the copper/rose gold accents in this collection, and LOVE those Thickers. I have also been having fun with the Heidi Swapp Minc Reactive spray mist, and foiling a bunch of stuff (tags, doilies, cork embellishments) to add to my pages. I highly recommend the reactive spray mist - although it doesn't spray very well (and I have read that is just the way the spray is, not that my mister is defective or anything). It kind of shoots out in a stream, not really a mist. But I have just been dropping/flicking the liquid onto my pieces, and am loving how it is turning out! I used it on the tag in the picture above.

I'm also trying to fit in some Ali Edwards 'Wild' Story Kit and Stamp products wherever possible (the "Super Good Time" stamp above).

Another example of using the Minc Reactive Spray on the cork heart. I wasn't sure it would work on the cork - I thought it may absorb the spray too much - but it works wonderfully!

So far, (ha! Three pages in!) I'm really happy with where this Yellowstone album is going. And definitely loving this Pink Paislee collection. And now that I have a bit of my scrapping mojo back, I'm hoping to start working on my Project Life for this year. Around March some stuff came up, and I stalled out on that project. But I just printed some pictures from the last few weeks, and am planning on starting at the most recent weeks and work backwards (while hopefully starting to work on current weeks as they come as well). So, wish me luck! I have about 4 months worth to catch up on! (Has that much time really gone by since I last worked on Project Life....??!?)

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Yellowstone Album Opening Page | Scrapbook Layout

I don't even remember what exactly prompted it, but I have been Yellowstone crazy these last few weeks. We took a trip there with friends back in July of 2010, and I've been dreaming of going back ever since.

I've never scrapped our trip - mainly because it's been one of my favourite trips ever, and I was kind of scared of not being able to capture it in a way that would do justice to how awesome I think it was. But finally, after watching a bunch of Paperclipping videos, and thinking about story-centred albums, I started feeling super inspired to finally get this album started. I also found the Pink Paislee Outfitters collection, and it just seemed too perfect!

After receiving my haul, I got to work on an opening page for my album. I had a picture of Jason and me that was taken at one of the park signs entering the park that I thought would be perfect.

Along with the Outfitters collection, I plan on using a lot of the Wild Story Kit from Ali Edwards throughout the album (for obvious reasons). As a bonus, the colours of it go pretty well with the Outfitters collection.

I recently bought the Minc Reactive Mist and have been having so much fun playing around with it. I added some splatters to a doily and some white tags I had sitting around, then added some rose gold foil. I love how it turned out! It goes perfectly with the copper accents included in the Outfitters collection.

I'm super happy with how this opening page turned out, and can't wait to get working on the rest of the album!

Thanks for stopping by :)