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Around Here | December 2015

Just squeezing this in moments before we roll into January!

Around here the boys had a super fun holiday season. JJ was super into all the magic, and Austen was more into it than I expected. They both adore our elf, Emma, and were so excited to find her every morning.

Around here I am still feeling a bit of a Christmas hangover.  I was in a bit of a Grinchy mood this season - I just felt it was all too much this year.

Around here we have been enjoying this mild winter. JJ has loved helping shovel the driveway, and playing hockey in the driveway.

Around here I have no interest in this huge Star Wars craze going on with the new movie coming out. Maybe this will turn out to be a Harry Potter situation, where I am just super late to the party...

Around here I have been trying to drink more water and less pop.

Around here I have been binge-watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

Around here Jason and I went to our first Jets game solo since JJ has been born! It was fun, but also a bit sad. We missed our biggest little Jets fan.

Around here Austen has been in 'destruction mode' lately. Constantly ruining, throwing, pushing, climbing, etc. I am constantly amazed by how different 2 children raised in the same fashion can be.

Around here I am looking forward to the fresh start of a new year.

Happy New Year, and Best Wishes to everyone for a year of good health and lots of happiness!

How was your December? I'd love for you to share a highlight in the comments.

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