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Around Here | January 2016

Around here we have had a weird month weather-wise. Our usual cold snap (though it only got to -30s, so not as bad as it usually is), then above 0 temps, with rain one day…

Around here
we’ve had a busy month of celebrating - three birthday parties and two baby showers!

Around here
Austen is starting to say his first words, consistently. So far he says down, Daddy, there, and Lalala. And he imitates a lot of others.

Around here
we took JJ skating for the first time. He loved it, and did really great! He wore his hockey helmet just around the house for a few days after that as well...

Around here
I’ve been attempting to cook more wholesome foods, and trying to eat less junk and processed stuff. I’m off to a decent start :)

Around here Around here I’ve been binge-watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix like crazy. Sooo good.

Around here
we have started drinking green smoothies. I’ve already noticed an increase in energy, and eating less junk :)
Around here JJ got to go to Monster Jam! He is obsessed with 'really big trucks' (which is actually just any truck.... literally a tiny toy truck is a 'really big truck'). He was pretty excited about Monster Jam, but equally excited about the two random trucks he and Jason saw in the Superstore parking lot on the way home.... oh, JJ!

Around here
Milo has really taken a liking to JJ. He snuggles up with him all the time... Jason's going to be jealous!

Around here Jason and I went to go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Jason binged on the previous six movies beforehand. We enjoyed it!

How was your January? I'd love for you to share a highlight in the comments.

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