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One Little Word 2016 | CHOOSE

This will be my first year participating in Ali Edwards' One Little Word project and workshop. I've read other bloggers' journeys with their words in past years, and just never felt inspired to have one for myself. It seemed a little too introspective for me. I'm not great at talking about feelings, or myself, in such a vulnerable way. Then, I don't know what hit me but something did, and in November or so I felt super drawn to the word choose. And all of a sudden I was stalking Ali's site, waiting for any information about her One Little Word workshop.

For me, my main motivation behind the word choose, is to remind myself that how I percieve things and react to things is my choice. Lately I feel like I have been reacting to things, or just going about my life and my negative habits thinking 'that is just the way things are'. I haven't been happy about things, or situations, or my relationships with people, but realized, 'Well, am I doing anything to actually change that?' No. I am sitting here complaining, accomplishing nothing. So instead, I am going to choose to do something about it. And if I don't, that's my own choice, not someone else's fault.

When you think of it, pretty much everything you do in a day is a choice, in some way or another.

Here are some ideas for what I want to choose to do this year:

  • Choose to think positive, instead of defaulting to negative. I am a pessimist at heart, so this will require constant work on my part.
  • Choose to be more healthy. For me, that will include choosing to eat more wholesome foods  for meals and snacks, and drinking a lot more water.
  • Choose to exercise. Right now I am pretty inactive. I am naturally slim, but that does not mean I am 'in shape' whatsoever. I am choosing to start practicing yoga. I think it will be great for my body and mind.
  • Choose to be more productive, instead of sitting in front of my computer, endlessly scrolling. This means doing more stuff that I enjoy - like reading, and scrapbooking and memory-keeping, as well as stuff I don't really enjoy - housework and exercising.
Those are my main focuses as it stands right now. I am so looking forward to taking part in this project this year, and choosing to make some changes in my life.

Do you focus on a word for the year? Please share!

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