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Project Life 2016 | Week One

Hello All!

I just finished up my Week One Project Life pages and have them ready to share. As I mentioned in my previous Project Life post, my plan for right now is to do a weekly, physical 12x12 album.

Here is my spread for Week One!

Like I also mentioned previously, a major goal while creating my pages this year is to start using up some of the journaling cards from my Ali Edwards Story Kit subscription. For this week, I used cards from the Little Things kit. When this kit was released I was a digital subscriber (I now sub to the physical kit), so I just printed off all these cards at home.

Here are a closer look at the pages individually.

That 'hello there' card is from this Cathy Zielske digital set. LOVE her stuff as well :)

Can I also say how incredibly difficult it is to photograph these pages without getting major glare from the page protectors! Ugh! I retook these pictures 4 times, and still am not really happy with them, but they'll have to do for this week.

I am still getting used to using my handwriting on my pages. Sometimes I like it, other times it looks messy to me. I'm hoping the more I see it, the more 'normal' it will start looking.

I know we are only one week in, but I am already somewhat feeling the pull to just do my pages digitally. It just seems so much easier to me... and easier probably equals more chance of doing it. But we'll see. Like I mentioned, I really want to use up a bunch of physical supplies I already have on hand, so for now I have told myself I will continue with physical for the month of January, and then re-evaluate how I feel.  I can think of some pros and cons for both sides right now. We'll see which side wins out.

Thanks for stopping by!

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