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Project Life 2016 | Week 5

Week Five is documented! I am loving this project more and more every week. And after my initial doubts, I am super happy that I decided to go with physical products this year. I'm loving it!

This week I ended up using a lot of cards from the Sparks Story Kit. I typically am not a huge fan of orange/golden yellows, but the cards kind of grew on me once I started putting this spread together.

This was a slower week for me in terms of photos and stories, so I used more filler cards than I typically do, but looking at the spread as a whole, I am still pretty happy with the amount of words. Go, stories!

I finally figured out how to get better light for my pictures of my layouts (yay!), but still cannot get rid of the awful glare of the page protectors, so I've resorted to placing the cards on top of the page protectors for photos. It'll have to do!

Going to pick up my pictures for Week 6 tomorrow, so I can get working on those pages!

Thanks for stopping by!

Supplies Used
Sparks Story Kit
Storytelling Class Digital Kit
2015 Week in the Life Kit
Magic Story Kit
Cheer Story Kit


  1. Nicole, I love these colors together! I wouldn't have thought to use them with winter photos, but they work perfectly!

    1. Thanks, Donna! Ha! I didn't even think that those colours aren't exactly "winter" colours, but now that you point it out... haha. You're right, they do work, but they would also look great with some beautiful sunny summer pictures, or of course, some fall pictures. I guess they just go with everything!