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Around Here | February 2016

Oops, posting this a few days late. Things have been busy around here lately, and the blog has taken the backseat. Back to some more regular posting in the next few days :) 

Around here Austen has started babbling a lot. Lots of nonsense words, but also getting out a few that you can decipher, or he is consistent enough in saying them so that you know what they mean.

Around here we have had such a mixed bag of weather. Temperatures around 0, making the roads so wet and sloppy, then a few days later -30s... where all the puddles freeze into giant ice sheets.

Around here I finished power-watching all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls. I've moved onto re-watching The Office. I forgot how awesome that show was.

Around here Jason worked a lot this month. His usual, plus OT, plus he even turned down some OT (because he/we already had plans).

Around here my daily green smoothie 'practice' went pretty well. Missed a few days at the end of the month, but I'm happy with the rest of the month and my goal is to continue on next month.

Around here the boys have been enjoying Kindermusik. Austen loves running around and showing off, and I think JJ is enjoying the independence of being in class by himself.

Around here we booked our trip to Orlando in May. JJ is already excited to go to Disney. He really wants to see Chip and Dale for some reason.... ??? Very random...

Around here we are doing some small renos around the house. Finishing insulating the garage, re-doing the downstairs bathroom, and looking at some backsplash for the kitchen.

Around here JJ has been to a few Moose games. He was super pumped to go to a game with Elliot a few weeks ago. 

How was your February? I'd love for you to share a highlight in the comments!

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