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Around Here | March 2016

Around here the time change work out awesomely for us! The boys now sleep about an hour later every morning, yet are still getting to bed around their usual bedtime. So much easier than the fall time change.

Around here the warm weather continues. Almost all the snow was gone by March 15th, then it snowed again, then it melted again, then snowed again, and it has once again melted. Hopefully it stays away for good now!

Around here we registered JJ for soccer for this spring, and for pre-school in the fall. Yikes! Time is going too fast!

Around here Austen is continuing to pick up words. Favourites right now are more, bye-bye, down, yes, and mom (more like Mam! Mam! Mam!)

Around here I have been attempting to cut meat out of my diet. I've done fairly well, but need to start gathering some more vegetarian recipes - I'm not going to survive on what I'm eating right now!

Around here we had a sudden family death that hit everyone hard. Certainly makes you realize how short and precious life is. 

Around here I've been enjoying having the windows open and letting some fresh air into the house. 

Around here Austen has been going through a horrible picky eating phase. He's never been the greatest eater, but he seems to be getting worse. Hoping it's just a phase. 

Around here JJ was super excited to get a black truck from the Easter Bunny to add to his ever-growing truck collection.

Around here Jason is finishing up the downstairs bathroom reno after getting a bit sidetracked.

How was your March? I'd love for you to share a highlight in the comments!

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