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Day in the Life Words & Photos | March 29, 2016

After successfully completing Week in the Life last year (actually, I just finished up the album last week!), I decided to join Ali Edwards and many in the scrapbooking community and participate in Day in the Life! It will be a nice warm-up for Week in the Life 2016 as well!

If you are interested in learning more about Day in the Life, please check out Ali Edwards site here :)

So here is a look at my day yesterday! It was somewhat normal day around here. My husband is a shift worker, and his days off are all over the place. Yesterday was a day off for him - much to his dismay. He doesn't like having his picture taken and pretty much 'complained' (although he says he wasn't complaining...) about it all day. Can't wait to see what he thinks about Week in the Life.... (he was away for most of the week that I documented last year).

Anyhow, a look at our day :)

8:30 AM | Laying in bed, somewhat awake. JJ has been in our room/bed for about the last hour, playing with his truck. Austen is just waking up. We are 'late sleepers' around here. Right now, anyways!

8:35 AM | Go into Austen's room to get him out of his crib. JJ usually goes in there to entertain him for a few minutes while we are getting up. Love how these two interact.

9:25 AM | We have finally made it downstairs for breakfast. (It's been a pretty lazy morning around here!) Homemade cinnamon buns from Grammies, yum!

This character is wearing his Manitoba Moose hat already. And he is eating, thankfully. This picky eater has been eating next to nothing for the past few days.

9:50 AM | Putting away the dishes from last night.

10:10 AM | I have already said the phrase "On your bum, please!" too many times for this early in the day.

10:11 AM | Playing hockey, of course. It is the first thing he does when he comes downstairs in the morning. He takes a quick break to eat, then is back at it.

10:22 AM | Skyping Grandma & Grandpa. Austen is blowing double kisses.

11:11 AM | Jason is finally up (he got to sleep in today) and is brewing some coffee for himself.

11:13 AM | My awesome "Mr. Mom" is folding the boys laundry that I washed last night.

11:24 AM | This little munchkin is down for his nap. Hoping it will be a decent one... He is kind of all over the place with napping lately.

11:27 AM | I am taking a look at some blogs and working on some crafty stuff on my laptop.

11:34 AM | Photograph my Week in the Life album, so I can hopefully post some pictures of it on my blog/share on social media.

12:02 PM | Playing some mini sticks with JJ. This kiddo lives and breathes hockey.

12:15 PM | Little pre-lunch snack.

1:15 PM | Jason finally has some time to get back to working on the downstairs bathroom. Doing some painting today, and hopefully the whole project will be done by tomorrow evening.

1:17 PM | Sunbathing.

1:23 PM | I am trying to figure out how to make a quick video of my WITL album from the pictures I took.

1:39 PM | Upstairs to get Austen, put clean clothes away, and finally get the boys dressed. It's been a pretty lazy day around here...

1:42 PM | This little guy generally wakes up happy. He is also quite addicted to his bottle. He never took a soother, but his bottles have seemed to take the place as his comfort object.

2:07 PM | Not so happy anymore. He's mad because I wouldn't let him jump on JJ's bed, because we were all going downstairs.

2:10 PM | Aaaaand, he's OK again! Being pretty sucky/attached to me for the current moment.

2:18 PM | He's now attached to Jason, and Jason is managing to make some grilled cheeses for lunch.

2:22 PM | Straightening my hair.

2:33 PM | Eating lunch. JJ is doing awesome, as always (he has always been a really great eater!), however, Austen won't eat any grilled cheese, and just wants to sit on Jason's lap. He eats a few cheesies, dipped in ketchup. (He is big time into ketchup lately, or just any kind of dip).

2:52 PM | Jason is already pretty sick of me taking a million pictures. Don't want to tell him I plan on doing Week in the Life in just a few weeks...

3:06 PM | Green smoothie time. The boys love these as well.

Austen pretty much drinks his all in one gulp.

3:30 PM | Jen and John come over for a visit. John is pretty shy at first, but then gets right in there. JJ was pretty excited he was wearing his Jets jersey too, and kept asking him who his favourite player was (then answered for him, since John can't talk yet. Apparently it is Adam Lowry).

5 PM | We've had beautiful weather the last few days - nice enough to open the windows and get some fresh air in the house!

5:17 PM | The boys are watching Sportscentre as we are trying to figure out what to do for dinner.

The dogs are always up for a cuddle, of course.

5:46 PM | I make a quick trip to Superstore to pick up some diapers for Austen, and some supper for myself.

5:50 PM | Jason makes some macaroni and cheese for himself and the boys. JJ (of course) eats all of his. Austen eats none, and Jason gives him some yogurt instead, which he thankfully eats.

6:09 PM | I stop at the Green & Grain to pick up a wrap for myself for supper. I am trying to cut out meat from my diet, and try a falafel wrap. It's OK, although I'd probably prefer just a veggie wrap.

6:40 PM | Jason has taken Austen upstairs to get a bath running, but JJ wants to sneak in a bit more hockey before bedtime.

6:48 PM | Bathtime! The boys love baths. Jason typically bathes them. He has more patience for it than I do (Austen is constantly standing up, and splashing, and just generally being crazy).

Jason shooting me with the water gun. Haha. Love the look of mischief in Austen's eyes as well. They are two peas in a pod.

7:05 PM | I head downstairs to start the dishes as they're finishing up their bath. I actually find doing the dishes kind of relaxing, and kind of like doing them. I usually just watch Netflix or listen to a podcast.

7:10 PM | I grab JJ's bedsheets from the dryer and head upstairs to help finish putting the boys to bed.

7:14 PM | Austen is in 'jail' (and finds it hilarious).

7:18 PM | After some reluctant bedtime hugs and kisses (Austen is typically cuddly, but at bedtime, he has often reached his limit and is ready for bed), JJ gives Austen his bottle - his self-appointed job.

7:19 PM | Goodnight Austen - sweet dreams!

7:20 PM | JJ's brushing his teeth. He's getting pretty good at it, although I finish up to make sure they are actually getting a good brushing. He loves being able to do things for himself though.

7:22 PM | Jason is making JJ's bed.

7:26 PM | JJ giving Mickey a goodnight hug.

Bedtime hugs and kisses!

And a bedtime story. JJ is 'reading' tonight.

7:32 PM | All tucked in and ready for bed. His Donald, Mickey and a truck of his choice always accompany him.

7:34 PM | Jason relaxes and checks out social media as he's waiting for JJ to fall asleep. For some reason, if I put JJ to bed it is fine for me to go downstairs and do stuff before he is actually asleep, but if it's Jason, he wants him to stay upstairs until he's fallen asleep.

8:09 PM | Dishes done! Just have a bit of tidying up to do, and then the evening is all mine!

9:33 PM | Jason is on the phone talking to his mom. I'm sure he's ecstatic that the day is coming to a close and that this is the last picture I'll probably take of him today.

11:41 PM | I'm going through all my pictures and organizing them, so putting my DITL album together will be easier!

Well, it is about 12:43 AM, and I am just going to go upstairs and get ready for bed! It was a pretty lazy day around here, but I'm glad I got the opportunity to document it all the same.

My plan for this mini-project is to put it all together into a 4x6 Snap by Simple Stories album. I think this size of project will be perfect for that smaller size. I just came to that conclusion and ordered my album yesterday, so it will likely be a week or two before I get it, but I can't wait to get started on putting  everything together.

If you've read all the way to the bottom here, thanks for sticking around! Hope you enjoyed this peek into our daily life around here right now!

Have you ever/did you participate in Day in the Life? 

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