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Project Life 2016 | Week 7

For my Week 7 pages I used Ali Edwards' Craft Story Kit for my 'base', sprinkled with other Story Kit products. I absolutely love the colours of this kit. I also love how Ali uses common colours throughout her kits, so they all blend so seamlessly.

This week I included a little flip up photo and included a story that needed 2 journal cards. I just glued one to the back of the photo, then attached it to the journal card in the pocket with washi tape, and added a homemade tab to the photo. You can see what it looks like flipped open below.

And a closer look at each side.

On weeks where I don't have enough stories, I've been adding in a list of each of our current favourites. I like this little glimpse into what each of us are into at different times. 

I always love when I see people journal directly on their photos, specifically following lines in the photo. I did that twice this week, and especially love how it looks on the photo of the two boys.

Well, time to get cracking on Week 8. We've had a busy week, so I've fallen a bit out of my usual routine, but should have a quieter few days coming up. My current scrapping goals are to get my Week 8 done, and finish up my 2015 Week in the Life. I just pre-ordered Ali Edwards' 2016 Week in the Life kit (eeek, I am so excited! It looks awesome!), so the push is on to finally just finish 2015. It's been about 90% completed for the last little while, and I've been slowly chipping away at it, and am probably about 95% done now. I want to just finish the album and get it on my shelf by the end of this weekend! Depending on how it goes, I may attempt a walk-through video of it next week. I've never done a video before though, so that is a huge maybe...

What are you working on/what are your current scrappy goals?

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  1. Love your spread, yay for so much journaling! And so many pictures of people, instead of things. Those are my favorite :)

    1. Thanks, Stephanie :) Yeah, I am pretty long-winded when it comes to journaling, so that's usually never a problem for me, haha. If anything, I over-explain things ;)