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Project Life 2016 | Week 8

I am a bit behind on posting my weekly pages! I am currently caught up on actually doing my spreads, so I'll try to get myself all caught up on posting them in the next week or so here.

As usual, just used a mixture of cards from various Story Kits, keeping with a black, white and grey theme. This week I was trying to avoid getting a full blown cold and was taking Emergen-C like crazy, so I stuck a few of the empty packets in a pocket. I don't usually include much ephemera in my pages - not because I don't like to, just because I often don't remember to! However, I was in the middle of the Storytelling with Project Life class when I was making this, and including bits and pieces from life was more on my mind.

I did another flip up pocket again this week. I like being able to add in an extra photo or story that way.

I also have a few Ali Edwards digital brushes that I made into stickers with my Silhouette. I'm trying to use more of my digital supply, since I have quite the collection. And since I use mostly Ali Edwards journal cards, it all flows together well.

I'll be back in a few days sharing my Week 9 pages!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love the white-bordered pictures. They add so much air to a spread :)
    Also - thanks for the reminder to add a flip-up card. I love them, but I always forget to add them to my own spreads...

    1. Yes, I've become addicted to white borders on all my pictures. I find it gives such a cleaner look :)