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Week in the Life 2016 | FRIDAY

Alright, Friday! It's the end of what felt like a pretty long week. Today was a busy day - I was out and about in the morning, then my husbands aunt who is visiting from out of the province came over for the majority of the day. So, lots of fun visiting with her! It seemed like I didn't take a lot of photos, since she was over, and I didn't want to be going too crazy with the camera, yet when I went to pull this together, I still have a ton of photos!

So here we go!

Another early-ish morning with him. The "OK to Wake" clock is somewhat working - he does stay in his room and play until it turns green for the most part, but he will still come into our room every once and a while and ask for something, or tell us something. (Something that could totally wait - like that he can't find his red truck, even though he has about 4 other trucks he could be playing with, or he needs his sleeve rolled up...). Oh well. I just try to remind myself that some kids get up that early EVERY day. And don't go back to sleep, or just play quietly in their rooms. Haha.

My alarm going off - but I'm already downstairs and getting breakfast. Not too often I'm up before my alarm goes off. (Even though this is clearly not set for an early time, haha).

Trucks lined up. Again.

Grabbing some cereal for breakfast. Love having the pull-out pantry!

JJ wants Cheerios again. He gets on kicks of just wanting the same thing for periods of time.

He also wanted a hot chocolate this morning.

Enjoying a quiet breakfast. Austen is still sleeping upstairs. It's nice to have a more relaxing morning for once, rather than dealing with trying to feed a kid who doesn't want to eat, or is just constantly throwing food on the floor for the dogs, or just wants out of his highchair.

Austen just got up. He's off to a great start already! :| Haha.

Morning hugs for Daddy. JJ is our little Huggle-monter :)

Milo and Maggie, waiting to come in.

Straightening my hair and getting ready.

The boys are doing puzzles and reading, with Jason watching :)

Austen is wanting to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We'd gotten into the habit of letting him watch it too much, and I've been trying to really cut back on how much he's watching it now. We've done pretty well this week. But he is having an off morning already, and telling him 'no' to TV isn't helping. It's meltdown city after that.

Taking a little pre-haircut selfie :)

A quick stop at Wal-Mart to pick up a few odds and ends.

Love love LOVE my haircut! I've been wanting to get my haircut about this length for months, and was going progressively shorter and shorter (my hair was about halfway down my back last September). I kinda wish I'd just done it all at once now! My hair used to be fairly curly, so short hair was a pain before (it just pouffed out), but it's lost some of it's curl in the last couple years, so it's much easier to maintain short now.

Got this book from the library today. I wanted something easy and fun for our vacation, and I just read Big Little Lies by the same author a few weeks ago and thought it was a fun, entertaining read. Hope this one's as good!

Making some lunch for the two of us. Austen is napping and Jason is out running errands.

Crunchy peanut butter sandwiches today.

JJ polishing off the last bite while I do some work on my computer.

He puts his dishes away without even being asked. I hope this continues on into teenage years. Haha.

This little guy just woke up from his nap.

More hugs. Man, this kid has always been really affectionate and loveable... but he's seemed to be even more so lately!

Some more reading. Austen is really loving this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse books that JJ got for his birthday.

Austen's version of lunch. A 'fruit pouch'.

The dogs are doing some sun-tanning. It was a gorgeous day out today!

Milo is hiding under the table because he doesn't want his collar back on.

Jason's birthday is next week, but we'll be in Florida on vacation, so we gave him his birthday present early today :) He got a voice-activated BB-8 toy (from the new Star Wars movie), and a few gift cards - for coffee and iTunes.

We had a special visitor today! Jason's Aunt from BC is in town for a little while, and we were finally able to get together with her today. We had such a great afternoon and evening with her. JJ was so looking forward to seeing her (for days), and Austen, who is typically a little shy at first, went right up to her and gave her a big hug. So cute.

Love this picture of Austen. He looks older in this picture to me, for some reason.

Showing off!

My parents also stopped by for a quick visit. So JJ had to put on a hockey clinic and show everyone his sweet moves.

Big hugs goodbye. Adorable.

JJ was so excited to take Auntie Heidi up to his room and show her all of his favourite toys, and of course his new Buff jersey he got for his birthday. He has a thing for jerseys (just like his dad, who collects them).

BB-8, in action!

We picked up pizza for supper tonight - from Santa Lucia. Our favourite!

JJ wanted Auntie Heidi to sit beside him at suppertime. He had such a fun day with her, and was so excited to see her :)

Evil Knievel, doing some quad stunts. Hahaha.

We are Face-timing cousin Nicholas in BC (Heidi's son).

Laundry. Gotta wash some stuff for our trip next week! (And so we have clean clothes when we come home!)

We're going to a party for a close friends 40th birthday tomorrow, so I'm making some lemon Jell-O shots!

More shot preparation.

Relaxing and surfing the web for a bit, after a long and full day. All 3 dogs snuggled up on the couch beside him, like usual.

And that's Friday. Just a heads up that I don't plan on posting my Saturday pictures until sometime Sunday at the earliest. We have a busy day tomorrow and will be out and about most of the day, and then will be out all night as well. My picture-taking will probably die down a bit for the next two days too. I really do love this project, and like I mentioned yesterday, I'm really excited by a lot of the stuff that I've captured so far... but by the end of the week, I'm getting pretty tired of taking pictures. My husband made some kind of remark about all the pictures today, and I said "Don't worry, only 2 more days, dear", and he replied "It sounds like the countdown is on for you too". And it is. I'll be looking forward to a little break next week. Although, we'll be on vacation, and I typically take a ton of photos on vacation as well. So I don't know how much of a break it will be! Haha!

Anyways, I hope you've enjoyed this little peek into our life so far, and I'll be back in a few days to finish up with Saturday and Sunday :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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