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Week in the Life 2016 | MONDAY

I'm back! Sorry about the crickets around here lately. I was going to make excuses and say I've been really busy lately (and I have!), but I've also just been lazy. But I'm hoping to get back on track this week! While I have been MIA on my blog lately, I've still been doing some scrapbooking, so I have a little backlog of things to post.

But FIRST... I hope you don't mind some Week in the Life posts, because that's what I have coming up this week. I did Week in the Life for the first time last year, and it quickly became one of my favourite project ever. And one of the only scrapbook 'projects' I've successfully completed. If you are unfamiliar with it, check out Ali Edwards' site here, but it is basically a fairly intense documentation of your daily life, for a week. This year Ali many others are documenting the week of May 9th to 15th, however, we will be away on vacation at that time, and want to capture a 'normal' week around here, so I've decided to document this week!

I'm hoping to upload some photos and words here daily, so that when I go to make my album it's easier to pull it all together. I did that last year, just in a private blog, and found it super helpful.

So here's what a normal Week in the Life looks like at the Mann household :) 


A habit to scroll through Instagram while I'm waking up. JJ is in bed between Jason and I, looking at the Jets Instagram account. I know, not great to start the day off with screens... but that's life right now.

We got JJ an "OK to Wake" clock a few days ago - it turns green in the morning when he is 'allowed' to wake up, or at least come into our room. He'd been getting up increasingly earlier, and just coming in our room and playing. We decided to try this out to see if it would prompt him to sleep longer. He doesn't nap, and is often asking to go to bed around supper time. Worst case scenario, he can play trucks in his room until the light turns green :)

Good morning, Austen!

Or apparently not-so-good morning. He is mad that I won't let him in the bathroom to repeatedly flush the toilet for no reason.

Starting my morning off with a warm cup of lemon water :) Supposed to have a lot of health benefits (can't really speak to that yet, since I haven't been doing it for that long), but either way, I just like the taste :)

A quick bite of toast. He is obsessed with the balloon from JJ's birthday party yesterday, so I tied it onto his chair.

Obsessed with his Jays jersey he got for his birthday yesterday. He's not allowed to eat with his jerseys on though, so it's hanging on the back of his chair.

Makeup routine. Fairly simple, although it looks like kind of a lot of stuff when it's all laid out. I typically can get ready in about 15 minutes.

Aaaand, done!

JJ wanted Daddy to wear his Jays jersey today, too.

Hugs for Daddy before we go to Kindermusik.

Hugs for JJ, too. He's all about equality. If one person gets hugs, we all do!

Some fist bumps thrown in, too!

Having so much fun at Kindermusik. He really loves class, and Carmen is the best teacher :) We were playing with scarves, so I tied one on him, granny-baboushka style. Haha! This was our last class until we start back up again in the fall, which was kind of sad. But Austen must have sensed it - he was on his best behaviour today!

Diaper change. The bane of my existence. It's a fight the whole time, every.single.time. When this kid is out of diapers, that will be a high point in my life. Although, it will be onto something else I suppose....!

Naptime. He needs it, as you can tell.

And lunchtime for me :) A little on the early side, but I never ended up eating breakfast before we had to run out the door.

Jason making some lunch for him and JJ. With a couple of mooches waiting for something to fall.

Jason took JJ to the Bomber mini-camp this afternoon. Of course, JJ loved it. Anything to do with sports, he is all over.

This kiddo... He just can't seem to shake the last of this cold, and still has a constant runny nose.

Back from the stadium, and practicing his football moves. He suckered Jason into buying him a little foam Bomber football. He's pretending to be Drew Willy (the quarterback).

Watching an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while I start getting dinner ready.

I'm transitioning to a vegetarian diet, and made lentil-walnut tacos for the first time. Tacos are a staple around here, so I really wanted to find an awesome vegetarian version, that is similar in taste and texture to 'normal' tacos. I made these, and they turned out awesome! Super yummy, and I'm glad I found a meat free alternative to one of our favourites that I can continue to eat on a weekly basis!

Chowing down on a taco. He is in a horrible eating phase right now. Pretty much the only things he eats are spaghetti, pizza, and tomato soup. And stuff dipped in ketchup.... and I am just realizing that all this stuff has tomato bases.... haha! He had one good bite of this, then pulled it apart, ate half of the tortilla shell, and that was it.


We are Skyping my Mom & Dad. JJ loves skyping them, and we usually do it weekly, if not more. They don't live far from us, but he loves talking to them, and Skype is much better than on the phone (although he does love talking on the phone as well).

And ta-da! Everything magically (aka, my awesome husband) got cleaned up while we were talking to my parents! :) :) Thanks, dear :)

A quick game of 'chase' before bed.

Some goofing around as they're supposed to be getting ready for bed. Bedtime can be such a trying time... the end of a usually long day, with the end in sight... yet everything gets dragged out x10 it seems. But it's hard to be frustrated when you see them playing together, and smiles like these :)

Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!

Picking up all the pieces of the workbench that get dumped out 10 times a day. I usually make the boys clean up a little bit before they go to bed, just so they are learning they have to clean up, and not just make huge messes. Then I quickly finish up once they're down.

Catching up on Instagram, and texting my brother, and a close friend who is vegetarian and sending me lots of new recipes to try!

Well, that was our day around here! Thanks for sticking around through this long post! And stay tuned to see how the rest of our week shakes out!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Where is the "okay to wake" clock from? Love it!

    1. We got ours at Chapters (a book store), but I've seen them all over the place - Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart, etc.

  2. Love your photos and stories! Last year was my first WITL, too! :-D


    1. Thank you! Loved seeing your photos as well, and looking forward to following along for the week!