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Week in the Life 2016 | TUESDAY

Alright, I'm back with my Day 2 documentation for Week in the Life. Today seemed like a long day. Especially the afternoon. But lots of good and fun stuff. So, onto some photos and words.

I set my alarm for 6:30am, and finally got up at 6:48am. I'm not a morning person. Stay up till 3 in the morning, sure. But willingly get up before 8:30am, nope. I'm lucky enough that right now we don't usually have to get up early, and they boys actually 'sleep in' decently.

Putting in my contacts. Usually when I go out I wear my contacts. If I'm just staying around home, I stick with my glasses. It's just more habit than anything.

This one got up early today (6:40am), and didn't want to stay in his room until his clock turned green. I finally talked him into playing in his room for a bit while I was getting ready. On the plus side, he actually slept through the whole night without having to get up to go pee, so that was nice.

Speaking of going pee.... I swear, I hear the phrase, "I have to go pee" a bazillion times a day. It seems like he has to go every 10 minutes, and it never fails, about 2 minutes after we sit down to eat. However, still better than changing diapers.

He got a play shaving set for his birthday from my Mom & Dad. He's obsessed with my Dad's mustache right now, so it's perfect. He told me this morning, "Just hang on, I gotta shave".

Getting dressed and ready to go to his Opthamologist appointment.

On our way!

JJ took this picture of me while we were waiting to see the doctor. Not bad!!

Doing some tests with the Orthoptist before he sees Dr. Clark. He actually did really great today. In previous appointments he hasn't cooperated very well. He just gets really shy and nervous and totally freezes up, or won't let them put drops in, or look at his eyes. But he did amazing today! So proud of him!

Since JJ did so well at his eye appointment, I told him I would get him a treat, so we stopped and got Tim Bits on the way home.

Austen put his Tim Bit down on the table while he was playing. Milo stood nearby, just waiting for the opportunity to sneak in there and steal it. Austen grabbed it and stuffed it all in his mouth before he got the chance though.

Austen still drinks a bottle with some warm milk in it for naptimes. It's a habit I'm going to break once we get back from our vacation in the middle of May. I'm really dreading it, because he has become super dependent on it, and he has quite the temper when he doesn't get what he wants. So that will be interesting... It's warming up in the microwave, and he is trying to scale the drawers to get to it. 

A couch full of sucky dogs.

Lunch today. Some bruschetta, yum. Can't wait for tomatoes to be in season, these ones were kind of bland.

Eating lunch with a few of his trucks lined up at the top of his placemat. That is a daily occurrence around here right now.

Playing with their train table. I just put this back together just over a week ago - Austen would just constantly tear the track apart before, but he's seemed to have turned a corner and is actually interested in playing with it now. Yay!

A quick pre-work nap, accompanied by three dogs. They can hear when Jason lays down on the couch, and they all come running, and settle in.

Finally, at almost 20 months old, Austen is showing some interest in reading books, not just trying to destroy them. JJ has loved books pretty much since he was born, and would always sit so nicely and just listen to you read (and still does). I kept trying and trying to read with Austen, but it was a huge waste, he either didn't care and would just wander off, or would just be constantly ripping at pages. I'm glad he's  getting more interested now.

Jason leaves for work, and we go out on a walk around the neighbourhood. It's starting to get nice, which I am SO ready for! It's seemed like a long winter, which is funny, considering it was nowhere near as cold as it typically can be. But we were teased with really nice weather in early March, then it got super cold again. I'm hoping to start going on daily walks as long as it's nice out :) (I'm a suck when it comes to cold weather and rain).

Prepping for supper and this little munchkin come over and wants 'up'.

Leftover lentil-walnut tacos from last night. When Jason isn't home, I usually just try to stick to what's easiest. These were as awesome as leftovers as they were fresh. I'm still surprised by how much I like them!

He is constantly blowing on his food, even when it's not actually hot.

Dinner has been like this lately - he has basically no interest in eating, wont stay in his little booster chair, and is a general nuisance. Ugh.... Sometimes I wish I could remember the days of sitting down and just actually eating a meal, uninterrupted...

Since he has no interest in eating anything, I let him play, so we can eat in peace. He is in the living room just out of sight, when I realize things are a little too quiet... (never a good thing!) I peek around the corner and see this. As I'm sure you can guess, that is NOT the side of the gate he's supposed to be on! Doesn't that face just scream 'trouble!!'??? Haha!

When he won't eat actual food, I give him one of these fruit pouches, so he eats SOMETHING. JJ always wants to help feed it to him, which most of the time ends up with food everywhere. They did well tonight though!

One of JJ's current favourite trucks. He just got it for his birthday the other day :)

We take JJ's glasses off because the boys are playing, and things are getting a little rough. Austen keeps trying to tear off JJ's glasses, so we eliminate the temptation. Sidenote: They are dirty, as ALWAYS. I swear, I don't know how he even sees out of these sometimes, and they are just impossible to actually keep clean.

JJ bumps into the wooden chair as they are playing around and hurts his head. He has some issues with his peripheral vision, so these kinds of things are a regular occurrence around here. 

I make a green smoothie for myself and the boys, hoping that Austen will drink some and get something healthy into him today.

My little helper :)

Yum :)

On nights when I'm solo parenting, I usually try to get the dishes done before putting the kids to bed. I'm always mentally (and physically) exhausted after the whole bedtime routine x2. And it's so much nicer to come back downstairs to an already cleaned up kitchen.

Drinking their smoothies.

JJ is obsessed with our NHL team, the Winnipeg Jets. "Big Buff" is his absolute favourite player, and for his birthday he got a signed jersey (he also has a thing for jerseys, which he inherited from his dad). It was a big hit, and is hanging on his wall in his room.

Austen has to read his current fave, this Thomas the Train book, before bed. As soon as we come upstairs he starts going "Chooo! Chooooo!"

Me reading to the boys.

Peekabo! Love how much fun these two have together.

Usually I brush his teeth, but today he wanted to do it himself for the most part, and I just finished up for him.

He always sleeps with his Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, both tucked in beside him. He loves his Donald the most, though.

That's all the pictures I ended up taking. Once the boys were in bed, I came back downstairs, and just tidied up a little more, and then spent most of the rest of the night going though all these photos - editing them, culling bad ones or duplicates, and getting this post together. Totally ready for bed now! I can barely keep my eyes open as I'm typing this. So, on that note, goodnight, and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love all of your photos and the sweet moments you wrote down! Great captures! Mama life is exhausting, eh? ;) XP!

    1. It really is! But I'm so glad I get to spend my days with my boys :)