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Week in the Life 2016 | WEDNESDAY

Man, it's a lot of work to prep all these photos and get this post done nightly...but I'm hoping that it will pay off big time when I put my album together. Especially since I won't be tackling that for a few weeks (we leave on vacation on Monday!) But anyways, rolling right along, here are my photos and some words from Wednesday. 

We got off to a very early start. Austen was having a very rough sleep, a lot of bumping and banging around... At about 1:50am he started crying. Usually I leave him for a few minutes, and he just goes back to sleep, but I could tell that wasn't the case this time. I went and checked on him, and he wanted to be picked up, and wouldn't let me put him down. Then, all of a sudden, seemingly out of nowhere...puke everywhere. All over me, all over his floor. Ugh. The commotion woke up his brother too. He seemed fine after that - went back to sleep, and slept until morning. And was his normal self all day today. So, not sure what that was all about, but hopefully it's over and done with now!

Starting the morning off with some high-fives! Yay for brothers! :)

And also some snuggles. This little guy is Mr. Snuggly. So sweet.

Lining up his trucks on his dresser. He is very preoccupied with having things lined up.

Morning hugs for Milo. Austen is usually looking for Milo as soon as we come downstairs in the morning, calling him. "Myyyy-ooooo, Myyyy-ooo!" So cute. He is starting to get better with the dogs, but can still be too rough at times.

And the first thing on JJ's mind is hockey. As soon as we get downstairs, it is to his mini-sticks, and doing some play-by-play.

Making some toast for the boys. JJ eats his, Austen doesn't touch his, but ends up eating a bunch of grapes.

Trucks, trucks, trucks. Sports and trucks are his life right now.

Ok, typically I do not give them cake pops in the morning, but he is having some ongoing issues with going #2 on the potty. He doesn't ever go in his pants, but when he has to go he holds it in... sometimes for days, with lots of fussing around about it. But he went this morning on the potty, without that much fuss, so he got a treat.

Austen finds a water bottle on the counter and wants to be sprayed with it. What a goofball.

Usually when we are both home in the mornings, we kind of take turns with who gets up with the kids. Today he got to sleep in. He got up around 10:30, then made himself some coffee. (I don't drink coffee)

We had lost one of Austen's toothbrushes and bought a new one, then found the old one. Which is why he has two. I went to have a shower this morning, and found them lined up like this on the counter, by guess who..... (JJ)

My after-shower necessities.

A look into my closet. I've been trying to minimize, especially since right now I am just home with the boys, and tend to wear the same things day in and day out. I wouldn't say I have a ton of clothes (especially compared to some!), but still, a lot more than I need, or regularly wear. I am also still losing baby weight.... very slowly. (I had my son a year and a half ago). So I am hesitant to get rid of stuff that doesn't exactly fit right now, but that I think will in a few months...

Mopping the floor in Austen's room after the puking incident last night. Jason cleaned it up quickly last night, but it needed a good cleaning.

More hugs. JJ will just randomly come up to us and ask, "Can I give you a hug?" As if we would ever say no!!!

Playing some 'football' with Daddy.

 Talking to Grandma on the phone.

Making some lunch.


Ok, all I see EVERYWHERE on the internet is people talking about this new Beyonce album. I know nothing about it, and am not really a huge fan of Beyonce in the first place, but I google it to see what the big deal is all about! ETA: I still have no clue??

Finishing up the cake from JJ's birthday party on the weekend.

Daddy has to leave for work, so more hugs.

Time to get dressed. We don't usually get dressed first thing (unless we are going out somewhere), but it usually isn't this late. Oh well.

This little cutie just got up from his nap :)

Ok, I don't know what it is, but ever since I complained and wrote what a total pain it is to change this kid in my post on Monday, he has been actually decent to change! (??!?) And hopefully I haven't just jinxed myself.


Picture with this cutie. Ignore all the fingerprints all over the mirror. It is impossible to keep that mirror clean. Austen's always got his hands all over it.

Out for another walk again today. Yay! As I was getting the stroller set up, Austen locked me out of the house. Not a big deal since JJ was there to unlock it, plus I had a set of keys in my pocket anyways... But still... You should have seen his big troublemaker grin on his face when I got back in the house. I'm sure this is the least of my problems right now... wait until he gets older.

JJ taking Austen for a spin.

My little helper, getting dinner going. Spaghetti tonight!

Mr. Music Man

Finally, something this little one eats! He's pointing up because he wants me to do the 'airplane'.

Now he's done, and telling me "down, down, down, down, doooooowwwwn!"

More lining stuff up.....

The boys helping unload the dishwasher. They both are pretty good helpers, all around.

Splish, splash! Bathtime!! They love baths. I, however, am not as fond as giving them baths. You are usually constantly harping on Austen to sit down, they always seem to fight over the same bath toy, and the splashing..... It looks so cute, and they have so much fun, but they literally drench the whole bathroom, and me in the proccess. Oh well, just water I suppose.

The aftermath.

Cutie :)

JJ has such an imagination. Here, he asked me to hold his imaginary phone, so he could show me all the pictures he has on it. They were all of our family, or fun stuff he loves (like going to hockey games, or players on the Winnipeg Jets).

It's garbage night, so I'm checking out the fridge. Getting all the stuff that gets pushed to the back that you then forget about....

Ending the day off with dishes. Dishes are the one chore I don't really mind. I usually watch something on my iPad (right now I'm watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix), and the time goes fairly quickly. 

Well, once again, I'm exhausted, and totally ready for bed. Hopefully no mid-night puking tonight. We'll see you back here tomorrow, with my Thursday photos and words :) Thanks for stopping by!


  1. blogging the words and photos is a HUGE job but so SO worth it! how are you getting yourself in all these pics? i'm loving it!!!

    1. Yes, definitely worth it! So much easier to go through and put my album together once I have the highlights picked out :) I'm using my DSLR and it's timer to get myself in photos. It's a Canon Rebel T5i, and it's screen flips out, so that I can somewhat see what I'm shooting - so helpful to get proper framing!