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Week in the Life 2016 | THURSDAY

Hi everyone! I'm back today with my words and photos for Thursday's documentation for Week in the Life :) Still clipping along here. Usually by the time evening rolls around I am a little tired of taking photos of everything (plus, I've spent the majority of my evenings going through all my photos, editing and doing these blog posts), but I haven't really let up yet. I have to say... my husband isn't even complaining as much as I thought he would! Only three more days to go :)

Now, onto Thursday's photos & words!

Trucks lined up in the hallway, waiting to go downstairs. JJ woke up at about 6:40 this morning, and wanted his blue truck. I'd told him last night that I would leave it in his room for him when I went to bed... then forgot. So I had to go downstairs and get it. Afterwards, he stayed in his room and played until his clock 'turned green' at 7:20.

Morning kisses.

A tickle-monster is ready to attack!

Time to wash the bedsheets. I'm spoiled, my husband does most of the laundry around here. I think it started back before we had kids, and I was working. His work schedule at the time was one where he was actually home quite a bit, so he ended up doing laundry and other housework while I was at work. And even though I am not working right now, he still continues to do it most of the time. I'm not complaining!

Austen got into my craft room and got a hold of a red sharpie. Thankfully (and shockingly) this was the only damage done.

A peek into JJ's room. His sheets are getting washed today too.

More lemon water to start my day :)

Austen thinks that it's hilarious to blow the slide whistle at ear-piercing volumes. Oh boy....

Looking up some vegetarian/vegan recipes. Need to add some more dishes into our normal rotation.

Breakfast for me. Shreddies. The boys had some Cheerios with Jason while I was upstairs showering.

Hugs for Milo

Jason took Maggie to the self-serve dog wash. Lately, Austen gets very upset when people go somewhere and he is left behind. He grabbed his shoes and ws trying to get them on, just crying and yelling "Shoooooes! Goooo!" Poor Austen. It took quite a while to calm him down. Like, a good half hour.

I finally was able to distract him with the Mickey Look-and-Find book - one of his favourites (and JJ's).

He stumbled and hit his head on the side of the train table. Nothing a few cuddles couldn't fix.

Milo and Parker are anxiously awaiting Maggie and Jason's return. They sat here, waiting, for most of the time they were gone.

Lunch time. Jason made himself and JJ some grilled cheese sandwiches. Lately (well, not specifically lately, but it's seemed to get more intense lately), he wants to do everything Jason does, or do everything the same as him. And example of a conversation between them:

Jason: Do you want ketchup with your grilled cheese?
JJ: Are you having ketchup?
Jason: Yes
JJ: Yep!
Jason: Do you want carrots?
JJ: Are you having carrots?
Jason: Yes
JJ: I want carrots too.

And so on and so forth for most things...

Lunchtime. I had a late breakfast, so I'm not eating right now. For supper I have a pretty strict rule of 'no screens', but lunch is a little more laid back, since a lot of times we don't sit down and eat together.

Time for some hockey. JJ probably asks us about 20 times a day if we want to play hockey with him, or want to watch him play hockey. As long as I'm not in the middle of something that has to be done, I try to say yes, even if it's just for a minute or two.

Imagination running wild. JJ is pointing out a 'tiny man' that is in the carpet....?? Apparently he fell there from the couch. It is amazing the things he imagines up sometimes.

Cleaning windows. This patio window is always filthy. Between toddler hand prints, and doggy nose prints/paw prints, it is impossible to keep clean.

The most simple things are the most amusing. I was standing with my legs apart, and they took turns crawling through them for like ten minutes.

This bundle of goodness came in the mail today. Love these colours. I'm thinking summer mini-book, maybe???

Parker. Looking so old and grey in this photo. The dogs love laying in the sun, soaking up all the heat.

More playtime. Austen has been really into puzzles and books lately. And JJ's still enjoying the train table that Austen has miraculously not been dismantling everyday.

Their current favourites.

Austen was here...

Getting supper going - we're having homemade pizza tonight.



Austen pulling out this drum full of other noise-makers. He is quite a noisy kid... which is the opposite of my personality, so it kind of drives me crazy some days. But he is keeping himself occupied, and staying out of trouble. Within minutes he has this whole thing dumped out all over the floor. (Also typical).

Haha, love this! Austen is more teasing Parker, than actually trying to get his cake-pop away from him. And JJ is just copying Austen. You'd think it would go the other way around... the little brother copying the big brother, but it seems to be JJ copying Austen more than anything around here, much to my dismay.  

Making JJ's bed. Love the smell of fresh, clean sheets!

Like always, JJ wants to do anything he can to help.

Tonight, he's reading me a book ;)

The days dishes, all washed. A good feeling.

Getting ready for sandal weather! :)

I'm supposed to be going through photos, etc., but have gotten sucked down a YouTube rabbit hole of various late-night TV talk show clips. However, it's a nice break. I feel like all I've been thinking about lately is making sure to document everything.

Still at the same place, an hour and a half later, except I now have gone through all my photos, and have most of this blog post written. Yay!

So, that's it for today! Looking back over these posts so far and my Instagram, I'm actually really happy with what I've been able to capture so far. And I'm looking forward to pulling this all together in an album. Just from having the experience of doing this last year, I feel like I know what I want to document more this time around, and I'm excited to see how this all turns out!

But for now... off to bed! See you back here tomorrow, and thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your WITL. I have loved looking through your blog posts the last couple of days. You've given me heaps of ideas & inspiration for how I am going to approach my WITL this year.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you're finding inspiration :) It's been fun capturing all this everyday stuff! Have fun when you document your WITL!

  2. Love your photos and stories! I totally LOL'd at the slide whistle picture and comment (especially since you didn't attach a sound clip...HAHA.) I also love Thug Kitchen! Thanks for sharing. :-)

    1. Thanks for the comment, Stephanie! Oh boy, yes, good thing no sound clip. I don't know how he didn't fracture his own ear drums! Haha!

  3. Love the different perspective on the photos. Wow, you have some busy boys there! I think I got tired just seeing photos of all that playtime! So cute. And love the interaction with the dogs. Will definitely be some priceless memories.

    1. Yes, our days are usually pretty full! Thank goodness for naps! (Although my oldest doesn't nap anymore...which makes for long days for us and him sometimes!) Thanks for the comment, Patti!