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Week in the Life 2016 | SATURDAY

Hi everyone! I'm back today to finish up sharing my Week in the Life documentation. Saturday and Sunday were super busy days for us, with a friend's 40th birthday party Saturday evening, and packing and getting ready for our vacation/cleaning the house on Sunday, plus last minute running around (plus a lot of other daily and weekly things we have to get done on the weekend.) We then were travelling all day Monday (with some mechanical delays, then bad weather, which tacked on about 5 extra hours - which when travelling with a rambunctious 1.5 year-old, feels like 10 extra hours!) Anyways... It's felt like a total whirlwind the last few days, but I wanted to get these pictures and thoughts down in this space, as I found it so useful to refer back to blogposts last year when I was putting my album together.

So here is our Saturday!

JJ slept in his Crosby jersey last night. He was on the phone bright and early this morning talking to Grammies and Papa about the sleepover they would be having there that night.

Austen is in our closet, getting into stuff he's not supposed to be. (Our fault, it was on the ground, not very well hidden). It was a toy we had bought for JJ's birthday, but then decided to just put away and give to Austen at his birthday, because we had bought other stuff for JJ, and it was going to be too much.

Not very happy that the toy got taken away from him. But still brushing his teeth through the tears.

Shaving again. Daddy had just had a shower and had shaved, so JJ had to get in on the action.

Horsing around on the bed. Poor JJ, he usually gets the brunt of things. He is so gentle and passive.... and Austen is not.

Reading the Thomas book again. This is one we borrowed from the library - we are going to have to look into getting our own copy!

Someone else has to get in on the shaving action too. This step stool has been awesome for JJ - gives him much more independence. However... it is a little too much independence for Austen. He is constantly running in there, climbing up on the counter and playing with the water. (We typically close the bathroom door, and it has a child safety handle so he can't get in... but sometimes it gets left open accidentally).

Shower time for me too! I don't have a 'routine' time that I shower. Sometimes it's the morning, sometimes before bed, sometimes the middle of the day! I either have to do it when Austen is still sleeping/napping, or Jason's around.

Toast for breakfast this morning.

Minor meltdown over a bottle of nail polish being taken away from him. He also refused to sit in his highchair for breakfast again, so he is sitting on Jason's lap and eating his toast.

Both Jason and I felt lazy last night and didn't do the dishes (plus, it was mostly just cups and bottles, since we ordered pizza in). So they are being done first thing this morning, to tidy up the counter.

I'm putting some Liquid Sunshine in my diffuser. Love this citrus-y scent, and it really does cheer me up!

Taking a quick phone break while the boys are watching some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on TV.

Making a list and jotting down stuff we need to pack for our trip. Seeing as how we leave in 2 days, I better start packing! Ha! We are pretty minimalist packers, and have travelled multiple times with the kids, so we have everything down pretty well.

The boys laundry. It's been washed, and needs to be folded, and either put away, or packed.

Some leftover pizza for lunch.

We are on our way to go drop the boys off for their sleepover. For the past week or so, it has been absolute torture getting Austen buckled into his carseat. It is amazing the strength that a 1.5 year-old has. Sometimes I can barely physically contain him. How is that even possible. Ugh. Can't wait for this phase to be over.

Jason being funny, because he is sick of all the pictures.

And a more normal one. :)

On our way out to Stonewall.

Excited. He ran up all the way up the stairs and just welcomed himself in. He loves going to "Mies and Papa's". (Our kids call Jason's mom Grammies, and before JJ could say Grammies, he would just say 'mies', so that is what he still often refers to her as).

Setting up toys in the foyer. That hot wheels track is one of Austen's faves. There is no shortage of toys at Grammies and Papa's house. They probably have just as much toys as us, and bigger and better ones than us, at that. (Which is fine by me!)

Hugs goodbye.

Now we spend the next couple hours cleaning. Jason and I have a weekend cleaning job, cleaning a small business office. It's an easy way for us to earn a bit of extra money (which we usually put towards travelling and fun stuff). We usually grumble about having to do it every weekend, but all in all, it is easy money and allows us to do fun stuff. The office is empty on the weekends, so we usually just put on our headphones and get to work.

Slaving away. Haha.

While I clean I usually listen to podcasts - sometimes music if there is nothing I feel like listening to, or my favourite podcasts don't have new episodes out. My current favourites are The Girl Next Door Podcast (two next-door neighbours and friends discussing life in general - kids, marriage, work, goals, etc. I highly recommend it!), The Paper Clipping Roundtable (all about scrapbooking), and Martimoney (a husband and wife who talk about marriage and their money - budgeting, etc.). Others I occasionally listen to are Nerdist and the Sam Jones podcasts - both are interviews with celebrities.

Beautiful afternoon! I have to run out to Wal-Mart quickly to pick up a few odds and ends.

Some beautiful weather, finally!

My contribution to Sara's birthday party - lemon Jell-O shots!

My close friend Jen and I at our friend Sara's 40th birthday party. Now that we both have young kids, we don't get a chance to hang out much period, nevermind get out childless on a Saturday evening for some drinks! We had a lot of fun Saturday night, though!

The birthday girl, blowing out her candles!

They also bought a cake for my husband, so we could celebrate his birthday a few days early. His nickname is the Red Dragon, haha. That nickname has been along for longer than I've known him, so I don't know exactly who came up with it, or why, but all I know is it comes from his more party-ish days, and because his hair has a red tinge to it. We laughed so hard when we saw this cake!


And that is it for Saturday.  My Sunday post should be coming up in the next day or so! Thanks for stopping by!

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