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Around Here | May 2016

Around here we had an awesome 2 week vacation to Orlando - which included some days in Disney World and Universal Studios (plus lots of relaxation - or at least as much relaxation as you get get with 2 young boys). So much fun!

Around here Austen got his first haircut! It was a sad day for me (and for him - he hated it and cried almost the whole time). We made an appointment for him to get his haircut in Disney about a month or so before our trip, thinking he'd probably be due for one by the time we were down there. (JJ had gotten his haircut in Disney during a previous trip, so thought we'd do the same for Austen.) Well, by the time it came for him to get his haircut, I loved his crazy little curls so much, that I totally regretting making the appointment. We went through with it anyways, but I still slightly regret it. He'll never have those true baby curls again - but his hairdresser was really good, and didn't go to scissor-happy. Either way, he's a cutie ;)

Around here the boys were big time into swimming at the house in Orlando. JJ has always put up such a fight about wearing his puddle-jumper previously, but has finally realized the independence it gives him in the pool. Him and Austen were like two little fishies, swimming around like crazy.

Around here Austen is starting to eat a little better.  More variety, and he will eat more than just a few bites of something. He is loving most kinds of fruits right now.

Around here we've had a lot of rainy, gloomy and cool days. Which I typically don't mind... but I'm ready for some sun and warm weather now! (However, not looking forward to the barrage of mosquitos that will likely bring.)

Around here I've been loving working on my Week in the Life album as I get the chance. My favourite project, for sure, and I can't wait to get it all finished up and on the shelf!

Around here JJ finally started soccer! It's already the end of May, and he's only made it to one game (missed the first 3 weeks while we were away, then it was a long weekend, so no soccer, then it got rained out), but he loved it. Ran for pretty much the whole half hour 'game', and even scored a goal! Go, JJ!

Around here I've gone a month+ without eating meat. It's actually been quite a bit easier than I thought it would be (our family never ate a huge amount of meat to begin with). After seeing how easy that's been, I am hoping to move to a plant-based diet. I'm going to try to go the whole month of June without eating any animal products. We'll see how this goes!

Around here I finally got together with a good friend, who I hadn't talked to or seen in almost a year. Ooops. It was so nice to have some adult time with a friend. Also, since she doesn't have children, our conversation didn't revolve around kids for the whole time, which was also nice. I love my kids to death, but it's always nice to have some time that's not focused on them :)

Around here I've really been focusing on getting JJ to draw, colour, cut paper, etc. All those preschool tasks he'll be doing in the fall. Of course, Mr. Determination has been catching on pretty quickly.

Around here Jason has been geeking out over his iPhone app controlled Sphero BB-8 he got for his birthday. (And has also been taking a lot of flak for being a Star Wars nerd - not from me, btw.)

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