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Week in the Life | Tuesday in the Album

Hello! I'm here to share my Week in the Life Tuesday pages today. Working on this album has been a bit more slow-going that I was hoping. But, it's getting done, and that's the important part. So here's what my Tuesday looks like in the album :) 

Keeping it consistent with a 3x8" insert to start off the day, as well as my full 6x8" photo.

I made sure to add a little note with how old the boys are right now. I'm going to add JJ's age onto one of the 6x8" title pages for a different day.

Like I mentioned last time, I am using one of the 6x8" templates from this set by Ali for the back of the title page. And I decided to use the rolling time stamp from Ali's Day in the Life kit (now sold out) to add some times on various photos (I just took the times from the metadata of the photo). I didn't do this for Monday, so I'm going to go back and do so now.

JJ had an eye appointment on this morning, and I included a few pictures from that, as well as some journaling about how great he did at his appointment this time. Previous appointments have not gone well. He used to get very shy/scared, and didn't really cooperate, and they could never get very accurate prescriptions, etc. But he did amazing this time! We did some 'practicing' in the weeks before his appointment, so I think that helped, but also just the fact that he is getting older, and understanding more.

On this day we found out that JJ is technically considered legally blind, because his visual acuity is so low, and because, although they can't test it at this young of an age, he has poor peripheral vision. We can just tell this in our day to day life, as he is constantly bumping into things, and just has trouble seeing things that aren't directly in front of him. This wasn't exactly 'news' to us - he's had very poor vision since birth due to some complications in utero. And he's not blind in the sense that he can't see at all. But it is still disheartening to hear him called blind. I journaled a bit about that and made it a little more hidden, by creating a flip up card (just joined two journal cards with washi). I was finally able to get my hands on some of those Avery Index tabs from Ali's shop (the shipping on them to Canada was atrocious on Amazon, and I can't find them in any office supplies I visit), and added that to the flip up card as well. Love those tabs! I've already ordered more...

I've used another 6x8" template - as you can tell, I took a lot of photos this week (I take a lot of photos in general, nevermind this week), so I've loved using these templates to be able to squeeze them all in. Maybe it's too much detail... but I think, in 5 or 10 years, when everything will be so different I will love having such a detailed look at our week.

Nothing too groundbreaking here - photos, journaling, journaling on photos...

After looking though my last year's WITL album, I didn't like how I had so many 'extra' pages (ie. pages just added into the album, not in page protectors). I thought I was going to completely stay away from that this year, but then realized, I don't mind a few here and there for a bit of texture to the album. Plus I just had too many photos I wanted to include that didn't fit into the page configurations, and between adding the directly into the album, or leaving them out totally, adding them directly in won :)

I'm trying to use up more of my little word stickers, plus I still have a lot of the perforated strips from last years WITL kit leftover... But I have a problem in that I sometimes take things too literally... haha. I have trouble putting something that says 'best day ever!' on just an ordinary day... such a dumb problem, but it's something that keeps me searching for 'the perfect' word strip and wasting so much time in the long run...

This I actually did adore though... so that worked out well. Haha!

I've been loving the hybrid approach lately. I used to be a digital scrapper, because computers are easy for me, and it was so much easier, cause you can undo anything with the click of a button. But I was always finding myself drawn to physical products. Digital embellishments didn't really do much for me. So taking the hybrid approach has really been the best of both worlds!

Thanks for following along for my Tuesday in the books. I'll be back soon (I hope!) to post Wednesday!


  1. I live in Winnipeg and I get my 2" tabs at Staples. They aren't Avery brand, just Staples generic but they are about $5.

    1. Thank you!! I've looked at Staples, but I've always been looking for Avery brand. I'll have to take a look again! :)