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Around Here | June 2016

Around here it was my birthday! :) I had a fairly low-key day - we did our weekend cleaning (my husband and I have a weekend cleaning job where we clean an office building for some extra income, so we can do fun things like travel pretty regularly), then relaxed in the afternoon, then went out with our friends Jarrett and Sara for dinner.

Around here we've had a real mixture weather-wise. It's been crazy hot one day, then the next day we have fall-like temps. It's been soooo weird...

Around here I started practicing brush lettering again, and have been loving it! I find it so calming and relaxing.

Around here JJ got asked to be a ring-bearer for my cousin's wedding next summer. So exciting!!

Around here Austen has been in a major Toy Story phase. He is loving the movies, and playing with JJ's Buzz and Woody 'action figures'. I feel like I am re-living part of my childhood... my brother was also a huge fan of Toy Story, and I remember him watching the original movie over and over and over. He would watch the movie (on VHS!), rewind it, and just watch it again and again.

Around here we've had a busy month of socializing - a 40th wedding anniversary, an engagement party, a baby shower, and a couple of Father's Day get-togethers. It seems like every weekend we have one (or more!) things we have to be at!

Around here Jason has had to work every weekend. Not the worst thing, since weekends don't really mean to much to us (since I stay at home with they boys), and he has been getting a string of days off during the week. It's just made for crazy and busy days of me carting the kids around to all of our social commitments, solo.

Around here I finally signed up for a yoga class. And loved it. It was a very small, intimate setting, which was perfect for a total beginner like myself. I'm hoping that the instructor offers a class again in the fall.

Around here I attempted to eat fully vegan for the entire month. I did pretty well, but did stray a bit towards the end of the month. It is unbelievable just how much stuff milk and eggs are in... Going forward I am still eating mostly plant-based, with the intention of going 100% plant based in the future.

Around here we were finally able to pick up JJ & Austen's long awaited Blue Bomber jerseys (our local football team). We'd pre-ordered these in May, and made the mistake of telling JJ. He's been hounding us about them ever since. Of course, there was also an issue with the manufacturer, which made them delayed even longer. We finally got to go pick them up last week, and needless to say, JJ lived in his for the first few days!

Around here the boys went to my parents for a sleepover and Jason and I had a much needed date night. Pretty low-key - we went for supper at Tony Roma's, which is a mini story in itself. I wanted to go there for a specific pasta dish, only to find once we got there that they've taken it off the menu. *crying emoji* They also took the sandwich that Jason likes off the menu, so it was a double bust. Although, just being able to go out and eat a meal in peace, without dealing with an unruly almost-two-year-old who doesn't want to sit, then trying to force-feed that same almost-two-year-old because he also doesn't want to eat, made it worth it anyways. Afterwards we just came home and enjoyed a nice quiet evening, had a bonfire, and called it a relatively early night. It was a nice little reset.

How was your June??

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