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Around Here | July 2016

Around here Austen's Toy Story obsession continues. His favourite character is Woody, followed very closely by Jesse and Buzz. He plays with JJ's Woody toy every morning as soon as he gets up (it's the first thing he asks for). And I probably have most of the three movies' dialogue memorized, ha!

Around here we bought the boys their (veeeeery) early Birthday/Christmas presents. They each got a battery operated ride-on - a tractor, and a quad. They've been loving driving them around the park at the end of the street. 

Around here I've been reading a lot of Liane Moriarty. I read Big Little Lies a few months ago and loved it. This month I've read "What Alice Forgot", and have just moved onto "The Husband's Secret". She has such an amazing way of creating suspense and weaving stories together. 

Around here I have been on a scrapbooking roll! After finally watching a bunch of videos from the Paperclipping membership I started feeling super inspired to start making some traditional pages. I've kind of fallen off of the Project Life bandwagon... but more on that in a future post.

Around here we've been having some trying times with Austen. I think the Terrible Twos are hitting a bit early. Lots of crying, screaming and tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants (or just randomly sometimes). I think his teeth were bugging him too.

Around here our social calendar has been full once again - birthday parties, a family reunion, wedding anniversary celebration, visits with out of town family, and a few social evenings with friends. A lot of swimming involved in there as well. 

Around here I've been dreaming of another trip to Yellowstone. I don't think it's in the cards for a few more years (until the boys are a bit older), but I'm getting impatient. Working on my Yellowstone scrapbook isn't helping matters...

Around here I had a bit of a mishap where I *almost* lost about $800 is cash. I had money to deposit at the bank and had it in 2 envelopes, and I distractedly put the envelopes on the car as I buckled JJ into his car seat. Then forgot about them, got in the car myself, and drove away. Somehow one envelope got stuck in a crevice in the car and made it along for the 20-minute drive. The other envelope and a tin with a gift card fell off right in front of our house and was thankfully recovered. Turned out to by my lucky day!

How was your July??

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