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Around Here | August 2016

**Ooops, just getting ready to post September's 'Around Here' and noticed I never posted August's!**

Around here we just got back from four days at my parent's cabin. The boys were great on the 6+ hour drive, and we had so much fun - fishing, 'exploring', and relaxing. There is no cell/internet service there, and it was so nice to be 'unplugged' for a couple of days.

Around here our little spider-monkey Austen started escaping his crib, resulting in me immediately moving his mattress right onto the floor and crossing my fingers that would be enough. It wasn't. He was still escaping. The novelty thankfully wore off after a day or two, and for now, he is staying put in his crib. Hopefully for a while.... ugh... I'm so not ready for him to be in a bed!

Around here we've started looking at trucks and camper trailers... A little late for this year, but hoping to have both in place for the beginning of next years camping season!

Around here I've been feeling super uninspired to scrapbook... which isn't good because I just got a bunch of awesome new product! My creative block is coming from the photo/story side... hoping it disappears soon.

Around here JJ is very anxiously awaiting the Banjo Bowl (football game with our CFL team). We've heard about it pretty much non-stop for the past couple months, but the talk is really ramping up now since the game is just over a week away!

Around here this soup has quickly become a family favourite, and a new addition to our meal rotation. Sooooo good!

Around here I am having mixed feelings about JJ starting pre-school next week! Excited for him to gain some independence, but sad/nervous/anxious that my little boy is growing up!

Around here I'm happy that I'm making it a priority to hang out with a good friend that I *hadn't been* making it a priority to hang out with.

How was your August?

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