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Around Here | October 2016

Around here I've snapped out of my reading funk. Been breezing through books this past month, and have a nice stack on request from the library. A few of my faves have been Betrayals and City of the Lost, by one of my favourite authors, Kelley Armstrong.

Around here the boys started swimming lessons. They're going.... ok. Both boys love swimming and love the water, but are less interested in the lesson part. They've grown too accustomed to the freedom their puddle jumpers give them.

Around here I'm doing one last Gilmore Girls binge before the new 'revival' episodes come out next month!! Gahhh! So excited!

Around here JJ went for his first non-grandparent sleepover! (Austen is not sleeping well - it's a pain for us, I won't inflict that on someone else!). He slept over at Aunty Steph's house (my sister). They made cookies, had popcorn, watched (and played!) hockey and baseball... he had so much fun!

Around here Austen has become a lot more cuddly and affectionate lately. And a little bit of a momma's boy. JJ was never really that way with me (well, a bit while I was still nursing him), so it's kind of nice! And Jason is totally jealous!

Around here After 6 years of having a weekend cleaning job (Jason and I cleaned an office building once a week) we are officially finished as of last Friday night. Looking forward to having weekends free, but going to miss the extra (and relatively easy) source of income! I think Jason's parents (who watched the boys for us every week while we cleaned) are more disappointed about the whole thing than we are!

Around here the early mornings continue. I don't mind it so much (now that I'm getting used to it), except for the fact that Austen always wakes JJ up in the morning (either by just being too loud or by actually running into his room and jumping on his bed and purposely waking him up). JJ doesn't nap, and could definitely use a bit more sleep, so that's annoying.

Around here the boys and I made these cookies.... and OMG. Soooooo good! I am a chocolate lover, and these definitely hit the spot!

Around here the boys has so much fun celebrating Halloween yesterday :) JJ got to wear his costume to preschool and have a little party, which he was pretty excited about. Then, after dinner, Jason took them trick-or-treating around the neighbourhood, and they had a blast. Unfortunately the weather wasn't the greatest - cool and rainy - but that didn't hamper their moods. This was Austen's first time going out trick-or-treating, and he loved it! It was adorable to see how excited he was to have his little bucket full of candy when they got home. JJ stayed home for a bit when they went back out, and he also loved giving out candy with me. Such a fun night! And it's getting me pumped up for all the excitement that the holiday season is going to bring this year!

How was your October?

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