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Around Here | December 2016

Around here we just had a full, yet somewhat relaxing few days of Christmas celebrations. We had four different family gatherings, but they were thankfully pretty spaced out, and for the first Christmas since I've been with Jason, everything seemed fairly relaxed. I so appreciated that this year.

Around here all four of us got hit with a 24hr flu bug during Christmas. JJ got it on the 24th, Jason on the 25th, and Austen and I got a bit of it on the 26th. Thankfully it didn't disrupt our celebrations too much since they were all spaced out, and some were a few days after Christmas itself. And it seemed to clear out of our systems fairly quickly. It definitely could have been worse.

Around here our Austen has turned into such a little snuggler, especially in the mornings. He was always too wiggly and never interested in snuggling, but he's gotten so affectionate in the last little while, and it's just the best.

Around here we finally got a few pretty big dumps of snow, one of them being on Christmas evening into Boxing Day. Some areas of Winnipeg got up to 30cm of snow. I was glad that for once we didn't have Boxing Day plans!

Around here Jason and I went to the VIP theatre to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story a couple of days before Christmas. We had a great time... although next time I'll skip the alcoholic beverage with dinner at the theatre... I was almost falling asleep in the dark theatre after that! hahaha.

Around here JJ's nursery school class put on a Christmas concert and it was the cutest thing! They performed 18 (!!!) little songs/poems, and they killed it! I was blown away that a group of three and four-year-olds would be able to remember all that, plus little actions/dances to go with some of them. Major props go out to his teachers. I can't imagine all the hard work that went into that being as awesome as it was.

Around here Austen has been obsessed with two different Paw Patrol episodes about ghosts. He is always looking for ghosts, and just randomly shouts out "Ghoooost!!" and points at stuff. Truthfully, it freaks me out sometimes. hahaha.

Around here after a very mild fall/winter, we had our first cold snap of the season. It got as low as -43C with windchill. I was super glad we didn't have to leave the house for anything in those couple of days!

Around here JJ had so much fun going to a Manitoba Moose game with Uncle Chris and Kim again. As a bonus, it was Star Wars day, so there were a bunch of characters there you could get pictures with and JJ got a Star Wars Moose poster for his room. He was a pretty excited little boy.

Around here I've been doing a lot of reflecting on the past year and thinking about things I want to do and accomplish in the next year. Post on all that coming soon :)

How was your December? Or your 2016 in general? Are you glad to be done with it and moving onto 2017?

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