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Around Here | November 2016

Better late than never, here is a look at November:

Around here Austen has really started talking. He's been babbling and attempting to talk for a few months, but the words are really flowing now and he's forming small sentences!

Around here I've been loving watching the relationship between the boys. They have so much love for one another, and, despite their totally opposite personalities, get along fairly well. So glad they have each other.

Around here we still don't have any snow, and it's starting to depress me! I'm one of the seemingly few (around here, anyways) people that want snow. If we don't have a white Christmas that is not cool with me.

Around here JJ has been loving preschool so much. He's gotten it down that he goes every second day, except the weekend always messes him up. He's ready to go back by Sunday! He's also been 'playing preschool' at home a lot - he's the teacher, and we do book time, craft, sing songs, roll call, etc. Love how much he's loving it.

Around here the Christmas excitement is definitely starting already. We've already gone to see Santa at the mall (we usually go in November, to avoid the huge lines) as well as at a Christmas party we were at. JJ is LOVING him, Austen, not so much. JJ's also really looking forward to Emma's return (our elf).

Around here Jason and I actually had two date nights in one week! Both sets of grandparents wanted to have the boys for sleepovers, and we'll take that! One night we just went out for dinner (at Original Joe's - one of our favourite date-night spots), and the other night we went to go see The Accountant - which we both thought was a really good movie. We needed those two nights.

Around here I'm still in a bit of a state of shock as to how the US election turned out. Thankful we live in Canada :) (Although implications will still be felt here, and around the world).

Around here we're doing prep and paperwork for JJ starting Kindergarten next fall! Also deciding whether we want to go through with French Immersion (leaning that way), or stick will English school. Decisions, decisions!

Around here We're getting a handle on our Christmas shopping. Already got a good portion of it done. Yay! The boys got a big part of their presents in the summer (their tractor and Razr ride-on toys), and Jason and I aren't getting each other much since we bought the truck and camper this fall as well, so it seems a lot less hectic this year.

Around here the Gilmore Girls revival finally aired on Netflix!!! I don't know if it was just all the hype leading up to it, but it seemed kind of 'meh' to me. There were parts I loved (Lorelai and Luke, how they handled Richard's death), and parts I hated (too much Logan, not enough Jess, and most of Rory's story). All that said... if they did another Year in the Life, or some other kind of revival, I'm sure I'd still be anxiously awaiting it.

Around here we did some online Black Friday Christmas shopping. Black Friday isn't as big of a thing up here as it is in the US, but still got some good deals! We didn't need much, so we didn't go overboard. 

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