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GOALS | January 2017

I'm going to try something new and start posting some monthly goals here. As part of my obliger tendencies I thought maybe putting them where someone else could read them would help keep me more accountable to them (even though this blog is currently read by a small handful of people). Or maybe even just 'putting them out into the world' will help me stick to them. Either way, here goes!

January 2017 Goals

* Make a scrapbook page with the Ali Edwards Review Story Kit

* Complete my 'Scrapbook Your Year' 2015 album and have it ready to send to print. (I'm going to wait for a good deal before printing it)

* Participate in the #Happier2017 project on Instagram

* Get my email inbox under control. This means cleaning out all the junk and putting anything I want to save into folders so that my actual inbox can be empty every night by the time I go to bed.

*Use the 1 Second Everyday app to document our life via video snippets. A few people I follow on Instagram or blogs did this project last year, and I love the idea of it. I actually did this myself for a while in 2015, but just never kept up with it. Gonna give it another go!

Recurring Monthly Goals

* Post at least once/week to my blog

* Have two date nights with Jason - this can be either staying in, or going out, but is a night that we do something together.

* Complete my January pages for my One Little Word album

Have a great January!

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