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One Little Word Album | January Pages

Hi! :)

Today I'm sharing my January pages for my One Little Word album. I know it's the beginning of this project, so there's probably some of that 'fresh start' feeling that's got me excited, but I'm feeling much more into this project this year than last. I think part of it is because last year I was kind of scared of my word... Choose seemed much more daunting to me. I loved that word and felt like it brought so much to me, but I think Happy is going to be an easier one for me. But still just as valuable :)

*Excuse the not-great photos. So hard to get good ones in this winter light* 

Here's a look at my pages. I stuck pretty much to what Ali did for this month. (If it ain't broke, don't fix it!) I always feel like a total nerd setting up my tripod and taking these selfies, but the one I did last year for this album was one of my favourite pictures of myself, and let's face it... Jason wouldn't take this good of a photo. Haha.

For this album I plan on kind of just sticking with the neutral colours of the kit, with a few little pops of colour here and there - like that marbled pattern paper.

Lots of writing!!

Aside from what was included in the digital downloads for the month, I also printed out the Action and Reflection cards for January. Right now I'm thinking I may fill out each of those cards every month, but we'll see how it goes. I like the idea of having a set of little actionable items to focus on every month, and then reflecting back and seeing how I did. For the quote, I just found a photo I liked on the Photos for Class website (an awesome site that has photos that are all licensed under Creative Commons for public use) and typed my quote out over it in Photoshop.

More of that marbled paper, and my Reflections card that I'm leaving blank until the end of the month when I'll fill it out.

Thanks for stopping by!

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