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Scrapbook Your Year | August 2016 Pages

Well, I have a blast from the past to share today. Since we've been in a cold snap here (it's reached -45C with the windchill, and hasn't been much warmer than that in the past week), I'll share my August pages I've completed for my 2016 Scrapbook Your Year album, to help me remember some warmer times.

A brief update: In January 2016 I'd started a weekly physical 'Project Life' album, and fell off the wagon sometime in March. After trying to catch up for a while, I decided to scrap that, and do a digital album a la Cathy Zielske's Scrapbook Your Year class. You can read a more in-depth about that decision here, and check out Cathy's class here. 

I believe the class came out in July of last year (or around then), so in my memory I had completed a few months of pages - I was thinking four or five. Well... when I went back to check what I had done, I discovered I'd only completed two months. June and July. Ooops. One of my January goals is to have my 2016 album done and ready to send off to print as soon as a good print deal comes along, so that means I'd better get cracking. The nice thing about Cathy's Scrapbook Your Year process is that you can easily bang out a month's pages in just a couple of hours, so even though I currently only have three months out of twelve completed, I'm still pretty confident I'll be able to finish off the year by the end of the month.

Here's a look at my August 2016 pages!

Lots of everyday life moment captured! It's been fun getting these pages done, because even though this was less than six months ago, life moves so fast, and so much has already changed since then. It's been nice getting these little snippets of memories recorded.

That's a look at August. I have September's photos culled and ready to get into pages. I should be back in a few days to share them!

Thanks for stopping by!

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