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Things Making Me Happy | 01

As part of my One Little Word Happy, I'm starting a blog series about stuff that makes me happy. Small, little, everyday stuff, or big, exciting stuff! It all counts :)

+ Using our new porcelain dishes

+ The Happier podcast from Gretchen Rubin (fitting).

+ When I wasn't feeling well and JJ gave me a hug and told me, "There, that should make you feel better" as if that's the cure for feeling sick. But it did make me feel better :)

+ That all of our Christmas stuff is down and packed away. The living room looks so empty and spacious and I love it.

+ I've started working on potty training with Austen and he is catching on so quickly! (Which is a relief, because potty training with JJ was a horrible experience, for all involved.)

+ Employing the one-minute rule throughout the day. Guys, it has been a LIFE-CHANGER.

+ The boys going for sleepovers with Grandma and Grandpa. Love them so much, but some quiet time does wonders to recharge this introvert.

+ Date night at Original Joes! And watching the Jets game, and Snowden afterwards.

+ My monthly BFF date with Tabitha, at our usual, Prairie Ink restaurant.

What's making you happy right now??

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