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Things Making Me Happy | 02

As part of my One Little Word Happy, this is my blog series about stuff that makes me happy. Small, little, everyday stuff, or big, exciting stuff! It all counts :)

+ Taking JJ to a Manitoba Moose game (our AHL team). He had so much fun - dancing, cheering, eating popcorn. He got his picture taken with Mick E. Moose (the mascot) and just loved it.

+ The Babysitters Club Club podcast. OMG, if you loved the BSC as a kid and want to hear two 30-something guys discussing the books, one-by-one, explaining the biblical allusions, themes of patriarchy and other wild theories you probably missed while reading them as a child, this podcast is for you! I literally laugh out loud multiple times per episode.

+ Getting my 2016 Scrapbook Your Year pages done. It's been fun going through pictures from last year - the boys have already changed so much!

+ That it has warmed up around here. It's actually been above 0C the last couple of days, which is unheard of in Winnipeg in January! (And a warm (haha) welcome from the -45C temps we had just over a week ago!) The only downside is that there is so much water everywhere now that will inevitably turn to sheer ice once it cools down again, making everything dangerously slippery...

+ My new Garmin Vivoactive HR. It is way more than I actually need in a fitness tracker, but it was on major sale and a way better price than some of the alternatives I was looking at. (And way less than an Apple Watch... which I really wanted, but just can't justify spending the money on.)

+ Lauren Graham's "Talking as Fast As I Can". I just finished it, and if you like Gilmore Girls, I'm sure you'd like this book. She is very "Lorelai-y".

+ Austen had a great week of dropping off/picking up JJ at preschool. It used to be a nightmare. He'd try to take his boots and jacket off and want to stay too, and throw a huge fit when we left, then fight getting in his car seat. It was a disaster. He's been so good this week (and the last few weeks), and it is such a relief!

+ I had a nice little 'date' with Austen while JJ was at school on Friday. We went to Chapters and played with and looked at toys there (and got a little Paw Patrol toy for each of the boys), then went to the library and got some books. It was a fun morning and I'm glad Austen is starting to behave a little better so that I'm not so nervous to take him places (in fear of a giant tantrum/not listening/general craziness).

+ Jason is finally back after a long week of being away.

What's making you happy right now?

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