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GOALS | February 2017

My January started out strong and I was feeling pretty motivated, but towards the end of the month my energy fizzled out a little bit. There were a few reasons for this: Jason's busy work schedule and being gone so much got to me by the end of the month; having almost a week where I was sick and accomplished almost nothing of importance; I'm also falling into the trap of letting the political situation in the US and other Canadian/world events get me really down and depressed feeling once again. Part of the reason I'm glad I'm doing these monthly goal posts is that I feel slightly refreshed now that it's a new month, and like I can start fresh once again.

I did OK with my January goals, but there's always room for improvement.

February 2017 Goals

* Make a scrapbook page with the Ali Edwards Numbers Story Kit

* Complete my 'Scrapbook Your Year' 2016 album. This is one I didn't get done in January. I finished three months, but that was as far as I got. I still have seven more months to finish up. It sounds like a lot, but it goes fairly quickly once I sit down and do it. Just have to carve out that time.

* Get a good start on making wedding invitations.  My cousin asked me to design and make invitations for her wedding, and I was so happy to accept! I've mostly designed them by now, and I want to get a good start on putting them together. I don't have concrete goals yet, because we are in the beginning stages of figuring everything out, but she wants to have them sent out by April. This will be one of my top priorities for the month.

* A personal spending freeze.  This was a goal I had in my head for last month (it wasn't officially written down as a goal), and failed at. I did do better with spending, but the goal is nothing for myself this month.

* Be in bed by at least 11pm. This is going to be a tough one for me. I am very much a night owl. If it were up to me I would stay up until 2am every night (and I used to), but with the kids getting up early, and them not sleeping great at night sometimes... I am waking up feeling tired and grumpy. Need to make this a priority as well!

Recurring Monthly Goals

* Post at least once/week to my blog

* Have two date nights with Jason - this can be either staying in, or going out, but is a night that we do something together.

* Complete my February pages for my One Little Word album

* Continue documenting our life via one-second snippets using the 1SecondEveryday app.

Update: I was able to accomplish all of these goals in January! Yay!

Have a great February!

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