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Monthly Roundup | January 2017

Last year I did an "Around Here" post at the end of each month as a way to jot down the things we did/what was going on in our life at the time. This year I am going to change it up and try out Katie the Scrapbook Lady's Roundup Your Month. The same idea, just a little more detailed :) Here's January's roundup!
  • What fun things did you do with friends and/or family?
    • Jason took the boys to Kountry Kids in Selkirk a few times (I stayed home and got stuff done around here). They always have a blast there.
    • Jason and I had two date nights when the boys went on sleepovers to both grandparents. Just a low key dinner date for one, and for the second Jason was unfortunately not feeling well. But always nice to just have a relaxing evening at home. 
    • Monthly "BFF Date" with Tabitha.
    • Jason, JJ, my Dad and I went to a Manitoba Moose game. JJ loved it. Austen stayed home with my Mom (not sure he's quite at the point of being able to sit there for long periods of time) - we thought he'd be mad/sad we were all leaving him, but he was basically shoo-ing us out the door! (He's a big Grandma's boy)
  • What milestones occurred? Any holidays or celebrations? How about special events?
    • Three birthdays this month - My brother's and my sister and mother-in-laws. Just had low-key family dinners for all three. We also went skating my mother-in-law's birthday, and the boys (JJ in particular) had so much fun (no surprise). 
  • What happened in the news and the world around you? What was the weather like?
    • Ummmm, I'm not sure if we all need a reminder of what happened in January of 2017. But it's been quite the month (or last two weeks more accurately). 
    • The weather has been crazy around here. Super cold snap (-45C with windchill, which is about normal for January), but the craziness in that it was followed by above 0C temperatures. It's been a disaster for the roads. So mucky and dirty and wet - which then just freezes making the roads literal skating rinks. Ugh. I would honestly rather just have the cold than to put up with the melting and freezing and sheer ice everywhere.
  • Talk about the everyday and routine bits of life
    •  This was a long month. Jason was sick/not feeling well for the first couple of weeks and then gone for the next couple. For the stretch that he was gone, I also ended up getting sick for a few days, so that added to it.
    • Austen has been so good at dropping off/picking JJ at nursery school this month, which is a welcome change from the traumatic event it used to be (for him and me.) 
    • JJ is still loving nursery school. This month they were learning about numbers. He was so glad to go back after Christmas break (so were we - so he could quit pestering us about when he was going back to school). 
    • I'm not sure I should even be writing this because I don't want to jinx it, but Austen has been a completely different kid in the last couple of days. Easy going, loving, very minimal tantrums, eating well, actually listening (!!!!) Honestly, it's like he woke up the other day and just turned into someone else. It's been a warm welcome after some very challenging months. Even other people have commented on it, so it is obviously noticeable. I hope this sticks! He's gone through some big changes recently (he's doing amazing at potty training, and I've taken away his bottle during nap and bedtime and cut back on the amount of screen time he's had), so maybe those are affecting him as well. 
  • What TV shows did you watch? Did you go to any movies or live performances?
    • I'm re-watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine with Jason. He just started watching it on Netflix, and I've joined him. Love that show. 
    • I've also been keeping up to date with This Is Us.
    • Jason and I started re-watching the Star Wars movies. I haven't seen the first episodes since they came out, and *embarrassingly*... I don't think I've ever seen the originals. 
    • A lot of hockey (Winnipeg Jets), obviously
  • What and where did you eat?
    • A lot of the basics around here - pizza, spaghetti, "chicken" fingers (vegetarian version), wraps, waffles, pancakes, tacos.... the only 'new' thing we've done lately is flatbreads. For the kids I just make a veggie version with peppers on naan bread, and I've been making a bruschetta one for myself. Yum :) New favourite. 
    • We pretty much ate at home for most meals. We don't really go out much to eat. Our only meal out was for our date night, at Original Joes. 
  • What places did you visit? Did you travel or go anywhere out of the ordinary?
    • Nothing out of the ordinary this month!
  • What good stuff happened? What were the hard things? Anything unusual?
    • Good stuff:
      •  JJ back in nursery school (he loves it!)
      •  Austen has gotten so into reading, and it's awesome
      • making time to have date nights with Jason
      • making time to hang out with friends
      • spending more time with Jason at home. Even if it's watching TV together, we're at least in the same room and interacting.
      • The boys are starting to really play together. It's so fun to watch them bond.
      • Austen has become so cuddly and affectionate.
    • Hard things:
      • Jason being away so much
      • Sickness between Jason and I (thankful neither of the boys got it, though)
      • Some of the political/world events going on. It's leaving a feeling of weariness.
  • What did you scrapbook about? (*Note* This is my own addition to the list. I want to start scrapbooking more, and I'm hoping rounding up my projects will help me!)
If you would like the list to do your own roundup, you can find it here, on Katie's site! Thanks for creating this guide, Katie, and for the monthly reminders to actually get it documented!

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