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Around Here | July 2017

I've decided to bring back my "Around Here" posts that I used to do on my previous blog (www.nicolemann.ca). These were a great way to get down the general 'goings on' of the month, and I've missed having that to look back on, so here we go!

Around here we just celebrated Erika and Vince's marriage with an awesome wedding! JJ was the ring bearer (he was adorable!!(absolutely NOT biased at all - haha!)) and he was so excited to be a part of the wedding (and kept calling it 'his wedding'). The ceremony was beautiful, JJ pulled off his duties without a hitch, and the reception was wonderful as well. Not to mention a pretty awesome dance party - the kids stole the show!

Around here it's been a general 'party' month! There's been a bachelorette party, Canada Day party, wedding rehearsal party, of course the wedding, and a milestone birthday party for my sister's boyfriend! Lots of celebrating going on around here 🎉  It's been a fun month!

Around here we finally were able to get out camping! We bought a new truck and trailer last fall with the hopes of getting a lot of use out of it this summer. But with Jason's change in jobs, those plans got derailed (which is fine! Lots of time to go camping in years to come!) So it was the middle of July before we could actually get out and use it, and even then, just for a couple of days. Our trial run, as we were calling it (since we only went for 2 nights, and very close to home) served its purpose - gave us a taste of camping and also helped us realize all the things we needed to take care of for a more 'proper' camping trip (trailer/hitch issues, items we forgot, items we totally didn't even think of in the first place...) All in all, it was a good time - the boys just loved it and can't wait to go again!

Around here Jason finally finished his training (6 long weeks!) and started 'flying the line'. An exciting time for him - and we're excited for him too! So far, so good. He's enjoying the change and flying to some different destinations!

Around here I am just in a reading slump that I can't seem to get out of! I guess part of it is that I have been pretty busy with other things and just don't have as much downtime for anything... however, in what downtime I do have, I'm not choosing reading right now. Want to try to change that...

Around here it seems like Austen is - dare I say it??!? - exiting his 'terrible twos'! (Which started waaaay before he was two...) The tantrums are becoming less common, and days are just generally a little bit easier. So that's a welcome change.

Around here I have become obsessed with the Hamilton Soundtrack. And yes... I realize I am about 2 years late to the party on that one! 😂😂  I don't even recall what made me listen to it in the first place a few weeks ago, but it has been on repeat ever since!

Around here we have been having some crazy hot weather. We bought the boys this Little Tikes Bouncer/Waterslide at the beginning of summer, and they've been getting some good use out of it lately!

And that's what we've been up to around here. What have you been up to this past month?

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