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Around Here | August 2017

Around here we have had an awesomely full and exciting August!

Around here we were able to get out and use our camper trailer a few times! Once up to Hecla Island (a favourite camping spot from when I was a kid!), and we also towed it up to my sister-in-law's cabin and stayed up there for a few days. It was so much fun! The boys absolutely love camping. Lots of great memories made!

Around here we have had a busy (but awesome!) week-and-a-half with family that were here visiting from B.C. The boys had a blast playing with their older cousins. They already miss them so much.

Around here we just had a fun day at the farm for an annual BBQ for a program that JJ is a part of. This is the 3rd year we've gone, and the boys always love it! There was a petting zoo with sheep and goats, lots of play structures for the kids to play on, tractor and 'train' rides, a mini kid-friendly zipline, and, of course, the BBQ. Good times!

Around here we went to the zoo for the second time this summer. They have a "Dinosaur's Alive" exhibit going on right now, with pretty realistic looking dinosaurs that move and make sounds. The boys were both terrified of them when we went earlier this summer. This time around neither of them wanted to go back and see them, but we were with a big group of family that all were going, so they grudgingly followed along. But this time they ended up really liking it, and not being scared at all! Other than the dinosaur part, the rest of the zoo was good too. We had a really cool 'interaction' with the pack of wolves (my absolute favourites, and what I would consider my 'spirit animal'). All in all it was a fun, (hot!) day.

Around here the Hamilton obsession continues in full force. Seriously... I've listened to the full soundtrack an uncountable amount of times in the last month. Soooo good. I just started reading the Hamilton biography by Ron Chernow that inspired Lin-Manuel Miranda to create the musical...

Around here I am looking forward to school starting and getting back into some semblance of a routine. Especially after the last 3 weeks of pretty much no routine AT ALL. Crazy bedtimes, meals all over the place, tons of last minute plans and decisions.... This routine-loving mama is ready to get back into it! JJ starts kindergarten next week, and Austen will be going into his first year of preschool the week after that! Crazy! They are both really excited and looking forward to it. So far no real hints of nervousness!

Around here I have been busting my butt for the last few days to get my 'Cats & Bats' Scrapbook Workshop ready!  All of our other fun activities going on took a big chunk out of my scrapping time, as well as made me so tired that after the boys were in bed a lot of nights I ended up just falling asleep myself! Basically unheard of for this night owl! But... I buckled down and was able to get everything finished on time for my (self-imposed) deadline. Yay! And I have to say, I'm so happy with how it turned out! If you're interested, you can check it out here: http://bit.ly/2epbniw

Around here I almost hesitate to say it...but I can't wait for the cooler days of fall.... and the cozy days of winter. 🙊  (My husband would probably divorce me on the spot if he knew I said that! hahaha! He hates winter!) Our summers are so short around here, and our winters so cold, (aaaaand, we've actually just had a pretty awesome summer), but you won't hear me complaining when the cool, crisp air starts rolling in.

And that's what we've been up to around here. How was your August?

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