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Around Here | September 2017

Well, September was a whirlwind!! I can't believe it's already over and into October, yet at the same time, when I think back to things we had going on at the beginning of September, it feels like that was already months ago! Here's a peek into our month:

Around here we celebrated Austen's 3rd birthday! We bought him a BB-8 bike and an adorable matching helmet, and he's had fun ripping around the neighbourhood on it. We had the traditional Sargent Sundae birthday ice cream as well. And he loved his "Paw Patrol" birthday party. The look on his face while everyone sang 'Happy Birthday' to him was priceless.

Around here we also had a lot of other things to celebrate - my Mom's birthday, my (soon-to-be) sister-in-law's birthday, AND the engagement of my brother to said soon-to-be sister-in-law! It's been a busy month just in celebrations alone!

Around here JJ started Kindergarten and he is loving it. He gets to take the bus everyday, which is also a high point in his day - and his bus driver, Ken, is a big hit! We put him into french immersion, and he is enjoying that and seems to be taking to it pretty well.  His first day of school was so cute, and I surprised myself by not even tearing up at all! All in all, his kindergarten experience is going great!

Around here we now have two kids attending school, as Austen started preschool this month as well! He is also really enjoying it! He was really excited on the first day that he got to stay there all by himself. Last year I would have to carry him out of there kicking and screaming when we dropped JJ off, so this is much easier!

Around here JJ, Jason and my dad continued their Banjo Bowl tradition (a game in our local football league) for a 3rd year. JJ looks forward to this game literally for months, and it turned out to be, a great game and they had a blast! JJ was a little miffed and disappointed that the players didn't give him high-fives on the way out (some tried, but JJ's arms were just a tiny bit too short to reach!), but other than that, he reported that he was 'very happy with how the Bombers played' when he got home that evening.

Around here I've had some big tech issues - my laptop was on it's last legs and needed a new hard drive. Since it seemed to be a problem with my drive, the guy at the computer store suggested that I didn't just clone the drive (as I'd just be cloning over all the problems) and start with a fresh install, so that's been a bit of a pain getting everything re-installed and transferred over. I was also having some issues with my phone and ended up having to get a new one as well (thankfully just made it within days of my warranty ending!) So hopefully I'm good on the tech front for a while now!

Around here Austen has been obsessed with Transformers and the Transformer Rescue-bots. He got some for his birthday, and they have been a gigantic hit! They have really been the only toys that he has ever consistently played with, and for long periods of a time. They day he got them at his party, he literally just stayed inside and played with them for like an hour while all of his cousins were playing outside on the bouncy castle and play structure!

Around here we're excited in this household to have hockey back! Well.... I guess I should say actual NHL hockey back... because JJ still played tons in the 'off season'. (And I'm referring to mini-stick hockey in the living room... not like actual hockey.) But he's excited to have it back on TV, and I'm excited to not have to watch the same 3 games that we had on the PVR over, and over, and over and over again!

Around here I just spent an awesome day with other like-minded, scrappy ladies at our Close to my Heart Fall Event in Winnipeg. It was so nice to have a day for myself, and to spend time learning about something that I love, and being with other women who feel the same! I don't have any actual 'real life' friends that scrapbook, so it's always nice to be able to get together in person with other scrapbookers! It was a day I needed after all of the other craziness around here this past month!

Around here the boys seem to be back in an 'early morning phase' and I have been getting woken up way too early for my liking. (I know, first world problems!) I am a night owl by nature, so it doesn't help that I've been going to bed too late. It's been kind of a grumpy last week. I'm aiming for an earlier bedtime for myself this week (and so far, not off to a great start!)

That's been our September, around here. I'd love to hear how yours was!

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