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Around Here | November 2017

Around here we weren't actually 'around here' for half of the month... we were on vacation in sunny, warm Florida! So much fun!

Around here the boys had so much fun in Disney World this time around... Every time we I go keep saying that they're just at the perfect age for it, but it's really starting to get to that point now - they're old enough to do (most) rides and get into all the excitement and make it through a long Disney day, and young enough to really be in that super magical place, and truly believe the characters are all real. Lots of fun memories made.

Around here we had so much fun at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party! The parade at the party is one of my favourites out of ALL the different Disney parades, and the boys are very into Santa this year.

Around here we also took a day to visit the Kennedy Space Center again, and the boys loved it. Once again, getting to a really good age for things like that. We'd been previously, but they were only 9 months and 3 years old... so we enjoyed it, but it was above their interests and knowledge. They have both been interested in space and rockets lately, so it was a big hit this time around.

Around here we also enjoyed a few relaxing days in the pool. Not as many as we'd hoped, but still better than none! JJ especially loves the water, he would stay in the pool literally all day if he could. He must have done about a million cannonballs! Ha! (Shameless plug - if you are going on vacation to the Orlando area and are looking for a villa to rent, check out our vacation rental: www.orlandorentalvilla.ca!)

Around here as much as I enjoyed our time away, and it didn't feel long enough, I am always glad to be back home and get back into a routine. More and more I am realizing how much better I operate with a routine.

Around here we are having another mild winter so far. The temperatures have been very up and down (balmy one day and cold with frigid winds the next) but as of the end of November, we have almost no snow on the ground! But that can change very quickly...

Around here we have begun our Christmas prep! The tree is up, lights are on the house and all of our Christmas decorations are put out (plus, added some more to our collection this year!) It's definitely starting to feel festive!

Around here I'm ready to bust out the Christmas tunes. The boys are already singing some, as they've begun their Christmas concert prep at school - also so looking forward to those! Last year was our first Christmas concert experience, and it was awesome.

Around here the excitement of thinking about and planning for the new year is starting to set in. I (like most people) always love the fresh start of a new year. I need to set some time aside and get some stuff written down!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season filled with love and magic! Thanks for stopping by!

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