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Around Here | December 2017

Wow, the end of 2017! I know I sound like a broken record, but I don't know where this year has gone. It seemed to go especially fast this time around... It was an overall good year for us. Any year has its ups and downs, but I think this year was more ups, thankfully :)

Now onto the final "Around here" for 2017!

Around here we had a very full and fun December! Lots of Christmas parties, visits to Santa, holiday activities, countdowns... and the boys at this age are just magic.

Around here we enjoyed taking in the boys' Christmas concerts. JJ was pretty excited about his, and worked hard on trying to get the french part of it down. He was very proud when he was done. Austen was hit or miss... there were a few weeks before the concert when he said he didn't want anyone to come see him (he can get very shy), but in the week or so before he seemed really excited and wanted everyone to come watch, and was constantly singing songs at home. Well on the day of the concert, when they entered the room, he locked his eyes on me and just wanted to come give me a hug, and was 'whisper shouting' "Can I go give my mom a hug?!" "Mom, I want to come give you a hug!" Finally, after a song or two in, I waved him over and he gave me a big hug... but then refused to go back to his spot! Ugh! He eventually went and sat with Miss Ashley for most of the concert (they perfomed 18 songs/rhymes!! Not bad for a group for 3 & 4 year olds!), and then for the last couple of songs when and stood in his spot and sang, whole-heartedly! (In typical Austen fashion) Oh boy... you never know what to expect with that kid!

Around here I got new glasses, and I love them!

Around here We have had a real cold snap over Christmas, and it's not going away. In the -30s to -40C with windchill. Ugh. Usually we get that for a couple of days, but it's been like a week+! Luckily, aside from a few Christmas dinners, we haven't had many places to be, so we've been staying warm and cozy at home.

Around here we had a very merry Christmas. This was the first Christmas in the 10 years that I've known Jason where we didn't have anywhere to be on Christmas day, and just did our morning here by ourself, and then relaxed. It was glorious. As a child, we often didn't do much on Christmas day - it was very lowkey. So this was a welcome return for me and a nice change to the usual hustle and bustle of years past :) And we all got exactly what we wanted for Christmas - JJ, a guitar; Austen, a "BIG" Bumblebee transformer toy (or the biggest Santa could make anyways... although Austen didn't seem to think it was as big as he was expecting, haha), Jason, a sphero R2-D2 remote control toy; and myself, a gorgeous family ring with all 4 of our birthstones. We were all spoiled :) 

Around here JJ had a very exciting afternoon - he was invited to take part in a Winnipeg Jets (our local NHL team) charity event and meet a handful of players, and get stuff signed, etc. It was amazing. We had kept it a secret until we were going into the building (it was held where he went to physio and OT, so I had just told him we were going to an appointment), and his reaction was worth a million bucks. He was so excited and in awe. He is only 5, so he doesn't totally get the 'celebrity' aspect of it, but he was super pumped to meet a bunch of players that he watches on TV, and is constantly pretending to be when he plays mini sticks. And the players themselves could not have been nicer. It was certainly an afternoon to remember.

Around here we all managed to stay relatively healthy through the holidays, minus Austen coming down with a bit of something on Christmas morning (but bouncing back by the afternoon). However, we didn't get off totally scot-free... Austen and I have caught something and haven't been feeling great the last 2 days. I'm just hoping it stays away from JJ. He is the worst when he's sick, and he refuses to take medicine.

Around here Jason and I had a date night to go see The Last Jedi. We both liked it, and don't really get what the big fuss over it has been. Given, Jason is more familiar with the original Star Wars movies than I am, but I enjoyed it. I actually kind of want to go see it in theatres again...

Around here this was the year that both boys were 100% on board for Santa - we saw him at the mall multiple times, and there was no shyness or tears. Our elf, Emma, was also a pretty big hit ;)

Around here we have no big New Years plans - Jason is working and will actually be getting home shortly after midnight on New Years Eve/Day (not that we really would have had huge plans if he was home). Like I said earlier... somehow this has all seemed to sneak up on me this year - usually I have some 'New Years planning' done in terms of goals, things I want to do/work on, etc. Something to ponder in the next few days....

So with that, I'd like to say thank you to those that have stuck around and followed me in the past year, and I hope you all have a wonderful New Year, and best wishes for 2018!

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