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2018 Memory Keeping + Crafting Goals

The start of a new year is the time for re-evaluation and goal setting, so I sat down to think about what I want to accomplish over the next year in terms of memory-keeping and crafting. Today I'm sharing what I've come up with.

Some of these goals are year-long projects (actually, most of them seem to be!), but to make things more manageable I plan on employing the Simple Scrapper framework of dividing the year into 4 'seasons', and breaking my goals into those seasons. Some of the items will be recurring throughout the seasons, but also, if at the end of one season I'm just not feeling something and don't want to continue it, or need to re-work it in some way, I'm giving myself permission to do so!

For right now I am just going to layout ALL 2018 goals, as sort of a brain dump and just general list of things I hope to accomplish this year, and then I will sort these goals into my seasonal goals.

So here we go - 2018 Memory-Keeping & Crafting Goals:

  • Weekly 'Project Life' digitally - The last time I completed a whole year of Project Life-style documentation was 2013. That year I did it weekly and digitally and printed it in a Blurb book at the end of the year. I was just recently looking through that book, and man... there are so many little details about our life that I had completely forgotten about by this point. And not even just little one-time moments... but even things that JJ used to do all the time. I was already thinking about doing Project Life again before that trip down memory lane, but that just solidified it. I prefer doing physical scrapbooking these days, but for this project, I will be going back to digital. I've attempted doing physical PL in the past few years, and it never works out for me. I don't print photos at home, so the having to send photos off and wait for them just slowed me down to the point of being too far behind, and then I just gave up. Digital will be the way to make sure this project gets done!
  • Use my MAMBI Memory Planner to record memories daily - This one kind of goes hand-in-hand with my Project Life goals for the year. Having something documented daily makes it so much easier to pull a spread together at the end of the week. I have a memory planner from last year that I neglected using... So I just put some washi tape over the dates and am going to use it for this year!
  • Complete my 2017 Journal Your Christmas album - I've gone through and decided on my stories for the majority of the month. I was waiting on some supplies for my journal that I ordered late, so now that they're here I need to get working on putting it all together. 
  • Review and cull iPhone photos nightly - I take a ton of phone photos, and a lot of them are duplicates (trying to get a decent shot of the boys, usually). So my phone is usually full of a bunch of junk photos. To make it easier to go through them I want to go through and cull out the duplicates/bad shots nightly. Should literally only take 2 minutes (tops!), it's just the fact of doing it!
  • Get all of my photos backed up to Google Photos - My phone is set to automatically upload to Google Photos, but I need to set something up so that my photos I take with my big camera that are stored on my computer also get uploaded... I did a huge upload when I first started using Google photos maybe a year ago, so the majority are in there. I just need to get from then on uploaded, and figure out my photo system for it to automatically continue from now on. (PS - I highly recommend using Google Photos if you don't already! The search feature in it is amazing - it's so easy to narrow down or look for specific photos of people, or even things!)
  • Make 3 physical layouts/month - I am an extremely slow scrapper, so this is probably about all I can manage. Aiming for about 1/week knowing that I won't get 1 done every week. 
  • Use the 1 Second Everyday app to (just as it sounds) record 1 second of our lives in video every day - I attempted to do this last year, and got into March successfully... then ubruptly stopped. I have no clue why... But I just watched the video from those first few months and it was so awesome! There are so many clips in it that I can't believe were only a year ago! The boys have changed so much since then! Austen was still in his crib and drinking bottles before bed and naps.... and napping! That seems like a million years ago already. 😩
  • Build up a card stash so I'm not constantly scrambling to make a care the day I need it - I love making cards and giving handmade cards, yet it never seems to fail that I am making a card for something literally like an hour before I have to be out the door for whatever occasion I need it for. Or (gasp!) not even making or giving a card at all! Building up a stash of miscellaneous birthday, thank you, sympathy, anniversary, etc. cards is a goal for this year!
  • Participate in Week in the Life again this year - I've done 2 Week in the Life albums so far, and LOVE them. It is a ton of work, and I'm usually so done with documenting by the end of the week, but aside from my Project Life book, these are my favourite albums to look at. (Ali Edwards is the creator of the scrapbook project Week in the Life - you can check out more about what the project entails here)
For now, that is what I'm committing to in my mind for 2018. This could, of course, change at any time - but I'm feeling excited about what I've laid out here today! I'll be back soon to share my seasonal goals, some other non-memory keeping (and just more general life) goals for 2018, and some you know, stuff, that I'm actually MAKING (scrapbook pages, cards, etc.)!

What are you plans for memory keeping or crafting in 2018? I'd love to know!

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