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Around Here | January 2018

Around here we started the year off with sickness. Bleh. Austin and I were sick at the end of last year, and then JJ spent New Years Day sleeping for like, 90% of the day. Thankfully, our sicknesses were all pretty tame, more cough/colds and very low fevers. And Jason, for once, managed to steer clear of it!

Around here we enjoyed what felt like a really long Christmas break - the boys didn't go back to school until January 8th. It was nice to have so much time after Christmas to just take it easy. Although, it was also nice to finally get back into a routine by the time school rolled around again.

Around here I have been binge-ing New Girl on Netflix, big time. I've gotten through nearly 5 seasons in under 2 weeks. 😳  I used to kind of watch it on TV when it first came out, then got away from it, but I am enjoying it (clearly...).

Around here JJ is back in skating lessons again and liking it. We've also tried something different and have him enrolled in private swimming lessons, which he is liking - once he gets in the water anyways. (He's had a bit of anxiety getting to that point, but once he's in he's his usual water-loving self - and his teacher is great!) I think it will really benefit him, as he loves the water so much, and it's so great for the weaker side of his body. And it's 45 minutes of straight swimming! (And 'canonballs' and games.)

Around here it's felt like a very full and busy month. Jason has been working a lot - he's at least had a lot of Winnipeg overnights, which helps. But we've had birthdays, a retirement party, a social, Sound of Music, our 2 cleaning jobs, and skating and swimming every week. I'm hoping that February will slow down just a little bit.

Around here I've been enjoying working on Project Life digitally again. Like I said in my memory keeping goals post, this is the way for that project to get done for me.

Around here Austen has been going through something and not wanting (and flat-out refusing) to go to preschool. Like kicking-and-screaming-at-the-top-of-his-lungs refusing, so I don't feel like I could just leave him there and let him cry it out. He seems to be having an issue with another kid at school, and not wanting to go. I'm hoping that this will pass. (PS, from what I can tell, it is just 'normal' kids not getting along things, not anything major, but it is really affecting him for whatever reason.)

Around here having a little brother is finally paying off for JJ (and us! haha!) JJ has finally gotten Austen on board with playing mini-sticks hockey with him! Oh happy day! Now, when JJ asks us to play hockey with him for the millionth time in a day, we can deflect some of it to Austen! Haha.

Around here I have cut down Austen's screen time significantly. I'll admit, I was becoming too reliant on the TV or iPad to 'babysit' Austen while I had stuff I needed to get done. When he started putting up a fight and refusing to go to preschool, I really cracked down and told him NO iPad or TV if he doesn't go to school. (Not necessarily as a punishment, as he is obviously going through something that is bugging him, but more so that he wasn't going to just replace going to school with watching TV...) So he's been totally without them for a couple of days recently, and he's been 'coping' well - LOTS of Lego time, and just playing with his toys, or drawing. Even once he gets screen privileges back, they will be very minimal. (Screen time has never really been an issue for JJ - he just doesn't have much interest or much of an attention span for TV or the iPad.)

Around here I was asked by JJ's school to do a speech at their Kindergarten Information evening (for parents of kids going into kindergarten next year). I hate public speaking, but his school and the staff there are amazing, so I couldn't say no. I was so glad I did it in the end... I ended up talking a bit about JJ and all the stuff that happened when he was born, and how he needs some extra help at school, but it's been a fantastic experience... A mom came up after and thanked me as her son has gone through something similar and has some similar 'issues' as JJ, and said she felt like it was a 'sign' hearing me talk about how great the school has been with him. That alone made it 100% worth it.

I hope you've had a great start to 2018! What have you been up to this month? I'd love to hear!

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