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Memory Keeping Monday: "Falcon Heavy" Scrapbook Layout

Yay! First of all, have to give myself a high-five for following through on my "Memory Keeping Monday" ambitions! (It's already looking good for next week too!) If you missed last week, I'm hoping to post a layout (or something related to memory-keeping... but mostly layouts) every Monday. I'm hoping the external push will motivate my obliger tendencies.

This week, I took the easier road an used another layout that I created for my Stargazer scrapbook workshop, and just had to pop some pictures and journaling on it. Still loving this collection. And once again, I had some more 'space' photos I wanted to scrapbook. Like previously mentioned, all things space and rockets and astronauts are a hit around here right now, so you know we were watching the Falcon Heavy test launch that took place a few weeks ago! Austen was home with me, so we both watched the live coverage of it on my laptop - he was pretty thrilled when they did the countdown and it took off. He also loved watching the boosters come back to Earth and land, simultaneously. I mean, it was a pretty amazing sight. And it's been a pretty big deal around here since. (Austen asks to watch the launch at least daily). So my page is just the basics of the launch, with some pictures I got from the SpaceX site. I'm also planning on doing a page for the Tesla that was launched into space, as well as Austen's love of watching it all over, and over, and over again. But those are for another day.

Here is a look at the layout I've made:

It doesn't photograph that well, but the title and some embellishments are silver foil. I've been super drawn to silver over gold lately.

Love this little piece of history being preserved alongside our memories!

Thanks for stopping by!

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