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"Discover the Atlantis" Scrapbook Page

Hi there!

Today I'm sharing one of my layouts from my Stargazer Workshop in action! I've mentioned that I'm in love with this collection (more than a few times!) and that I have tons of great pictures to use with these pages, and I finally got around to printing some out!

This is my favourite layout in this workshop, and I had totally different pictures in mind to use on it when I was creating it, but then found that these pictures fit the layout a little better.

This is from our visit to Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral in November. (Very fitting to be sharing now, after the exciting rocket launch that took place there the other day!) The Atlantis exhibit is one of our favourite attractions there, and the boys were very excited about the model Atlantis shuttles that Grandma and Grandpa bought them that day.

But anyways, here's a look at my completed layout.

It's hard to tell, because it's hard to photograph, but the "Atlantis" title and a few other pieces (some hearts and stars and the "love this" piece) are actually silver foil. It looks really nice in person!

I have lots of other pictures from our visit to the space center that I still need to get on pages (or maybe in some pocket pages....) When they're done, you know I'll share them here! ;)

And if you're interested in purchasing my Stargazer Workshop files (or getting them free with purchase!), check out my blog post here.

Thanks for stopping by!

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