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Memory Keeping Monday: "Yay!" Scrapbook Layout

Good morning! It's a snowy, blustery day here today and the boys are experiencing their 'first snow day' from school! (But they're only 3.5 and 5, so to them, they don't really get the excitement of a snow day, haha.)

But for today's Memory Keeping Monday post, I'm sharing something that is far from a snow day! It's a picture from our trip to Orlando in 2016, and our day at Epcot :)

I'm taking Shimelle's "Clear the Desk" class, which helps you use up old stash by making kits out of said stash, and making as many pages as possible out of your 'kit'. This is my first page :)  You'll notice that most of the stuff I share on this blog is Close to my Heart related, since I'm a consultant with them... but in this case I'm trying to use up a whole closet full of stash from before I was a consultant, so these pages will be using other product. (Anything that clears out my room - since there seems to be new stuff coming into it all the time!)

I'm really trying to get a good chunk of Disney pages done. I have a ton of Disney photos from multiple trips in the last year that I'd like to get into an album. (We own a vacation rental house just outside of Orlando, so are lucky enough to go there quite often - www.orlandorentalvilla.ca if you are planning a trip and want to stay in a house not far from Disney!) Anyways, so I will be kitting up some of my old stash and hoping to knock out a bunch of Disney pages over the next couple of months!

I'm so happy to finally be getting some Disney pages done, and to be getting a bunch of un-used product used up - wish me luck on keeping that up!

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