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Around Here - September 2018

Around here I'm glad to be back in the routine of school. We had an awesome summer, with amazing weather (and no mosquitos!!). We did a lot of fun stuff as a family including 3 camping trips, mini-golf, football games, trips to my parents' cabin, swimming, lots of bike riding and lots of lazy days playing in the backyard. Buuuut, by the time the end of August rolled around I was exhausted from our days being all over the place. I don't think things will be slowing down (school, birthday parties, swimming lessons, skating lessons.....) but at least there will be routine. I can handle that!

Around here JJ is loving grade one. He was so excited to get back to school, and the excitement hasn't died down yet. Every day when he gets home he tells me "I love school!" A parents dream! He was even disappointed when it was the weekend and he couldn't go to school! I better start recording him say this so he'll believe me in a couple of years, lol. He already loves his new teacher (he was a little nervous about leaving his Kindergarten teacher because she was so awesome), and is happy to be back with his friends!

Around here Austen has been having a little more of a rough go with preschool. Last year he went through spurts where he didn't like being dropped off and would cling to us or cry. Once he settled down he was fine and really liked preschool and some of his friends there. I was hoping that that would be behind us... but unfortunately, it seems to be worse! He is always excited to go to preschool, yet the second we walk through the classroom door it's like a switch goes off and he doesn't want us to leave. It's been hard on him and hard on/frustrating to me, just because I know he actually likes preschool, it is just the separation that is the problem. Hopefully by next months "Around Here" I can report back that all is good!

Around here the space obsession is still going strong. Especially with Austen. He has especially become obsessed with Chris Hadfield, former Commander of the ISS (and fellow Canadian!) I made a special playlist on YouTube of a bunch of videos answering space questions (while in space!) and Austen is always asking to watch 'Commander Chris'. (As a side note, his book, "An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth" is one of my absolute favourite books!)

Around here NHL hockey is starting back up, and we're excited! We share season tickets to the Jets games, and I've already been to 2 games! We usually try to take JJ to our preseason game. This year we were going to take Austen as well, but he's not quite as into hockey yet and decided he'd rather stay home. That worked out in JJ's favour - he also got to go to 2 games!

Around here I have started getting into audiobooks. I used to read quite a bit, and just have been finding I don't have the time lately, as much as I try to make time for it. But I do have a lot of free 'listening time' while I am doing other things (driving, cleaning, scrapbooking), so aside from my growing list of podcasts, I've started borrowing audiobooks from our library. I'm loving it so far!

Around here we seem to be getting an early fall. And all of the rain we missed during the summer (I'm not complaining!) seems to have come in the past 2 weeks. Our grass is looking greener than it has since spring! And while I do love cool, crisp fall weather, I could do with a bit warmer temperatures before winter truly gets here!

Around here I'm so pumped about the new Harry Potter sets that have hit the Lego store. Our boys finally started getting into actual Lego (not big Duplo blocks) this spring, and we've already amassed quite a collection! The Hogwarts Castle is a huge wishlist item for me! Oh...and speaking of Harry Potter, the new Fantastic Beasts movie looks amazing!!

Around here the boys attended the Banjo Bowl (Canadian Football League game), a yearly tradition - and had an additional spectator with them... It was Austen's first year going! Jason, JJ and my Dad have all gone together for the past 3 years, and it's a can't-miss event for them!

Around here I'm missing having JJ home with me. His kindergarten last year was half-day, every day, so he was still home a majority of the time. Now that he is at school all day, it's a big difference. I feel like as a parent, by the time he was 5 or 6 I was finally hitting my stride and getting in a comfortable place, and now he's gone! Austen is missing him too, and so excited to see him by the time he gets home from school. The fact that he loves going to school so much makes it easier though. 

Well, that is some of the stuff that's been going on around here for the past month. How has your September been? I'd love to hear about it!

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