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Scrapbook Your Year | November 2016

I'm here to share something a little bit different today in terms of scrapbooking. Last week I was looking for some older digital supplies that I have saved on an external hard drive then got sidetracked looking through all my folders - I ended up coming across a few different folders of digital Project Life (PL) I had on the go. 2013 was the ONLY year (and my first attempt, at that!) I have successfully completed a whole year of PL. Every year since then I have made some attempt at PL, with varying degrees of success.

In looking through my stuff I realized that I started doing a physical, weekly PL in 2016, mostly using my Ali Edwards Story Kits. I made it until April-ish, then fell off the wagon. However, that year Cathy Zielske came out with her "Scrapbook Your Year" class, which I took - it's basically a monthly approach to PL, and since I'd fallen off the weekly/physical wagon, I started going in that direction, and had pages for June-September completed, and pictures picked out for October.

My goal is to finish off that year so that I will have an almost complete 2016 year, in some form or another. I have a bunch of credits for 12x12 pages at Persnickety Prints that I stocked up on in one of their sales when I used to scrapbook digitally, so I am going to print off the digital pages I have and just add them in the album.

So, here are my completed October 2016 pages :) I'm excited to finish off the last 2 months of 2016 and get it in the books!

I'm so glad that I rediscovered these pages!

When going through my files I also found that I had a pretty detailed weekly, digital PL completed for *almost* half of the year for 2015! So I am going to just print out what I have of those as well, and go with the 'something is better than nothing' mentality :) I wish I had kept up with it, as there are so many fun fact about my little guys at the time, but I'm just happy to have what I have :)

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