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Project Life 2019 | Weeks 1 & 2

"Project Life". After successfully completing one full year of it in 2013 I've attempted, many times, to complete another full year of 'everyday' documentation. Not documenting literally every day, but as in capturing the moments of everyday life. In 2013 I completed weekly spreads, digitally, mostly using Becky Higgins Project Life brand kits, but also mixing in some other digital scrapbooking kits as well. In years after that I attempted different things - physical, monthly, a more photo-driven style a la Cathy Zielske's Scrapbook Your Year approach... Unfortunately, I've never completed a full year since 2013. (My 2016 Scrapbook Your Year album is *almost* done.)

But that's not going to stop me from attempting it again! Looking back on that album from 2013, it is just priceless with all of the small, 'forgettable' memories that are captured. (Not that they are meaningless, but just that they are the little things that get lost). And I can't believe that it's already been six years since I've completed that book!

So, without further ado, here is Week 1 & Week 2 of my 2019 album!

To create a cohesive look throughout the album I will be using the same fonts and same "Week" card every week, and I also plan on having a Week in Review card up in the top left corner of each spread. I plan on using some of the older digital kits I have, (some Paislee Press, One Little Bird), and I'm also really loving Sahin Studio's kits. She is new to me, but I can see purchasing lots of her kits in the future! I might also use some of my older Becky Higgins Project Life kits from years ago... we'll see what happens! But that is my general plan for "Project Life" for this year. I hope you'll follow along and check out my pages :)

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