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"Beautiful Tiana" | Scrapbook Layout

Hello again! I know I've been MIA on the blog lately, but even though I haven't been posting here, I have been creating! Things have settled down a little bit in life though, so I'm aiming to get back to blogging 2x/week, starting today!

I'm excited to get back into my blogging schedule with this fun layout that I made for our Disney album. I'm not going to lie... this layout took waaaaay to long to come together. I haven't done a double page layout in a while, and for some reason, it just wasn't working for me. This layout sat on my work desk for weeks, and I'd sit down to work on it, and would just stall out. Thankfully, it all ended up coming together, and I love the page - I do wish I'd used more green on it, but done is done!

That purple background paper is actually a flocked material. I wasn't sure how adhesive would stick to it and was a bit unsure about using it as a background paper, but everything stuck to it really well!

JJ really loved meeting Tiana. We haven't ever seen The Princess and the Frog, so we're not familiar with her, but he just loved her and thought she was so beautiful. Austen was scared of the princesses (ha!), and refused to even get close to her.

Love that little frog die-cut!

Thanks for stopping by, and I'll catch you next week with another page! :)

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