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'Business Office, Nicole Speaking' | Scrapbook Layout

Hello! I'm back today to share a layout that I created for the Simple Scrapper membership! This was inspired by a Story Starter prompt and also used sketch #201 - an oldie, considering we are now in the 500's for sketches!

This page is about my life before kids when I worked at a hospital as an accounting clerk/business office reception. I don't have many pictures from my work life back then, as it was just before smartphones became mainstream and it became so easy to document every aspect of your life. The only pictures I really have are from when my co-workers held wedding and baby showers for me, and the odd picture here and there from a party or something, like the one used on this layout. Even so, this one is very low quality compared to the digital pictures we have now. Nonetheless, I'm glad to have it!

One thing that was pointed out was how I look like Pam Beesley from the TV show "The Office". It is pretty fitting, since I was (and still am!) a huge fan of the show, and I have to admit, from the hair, clothes, similar office environment, and repetitive phone greeting ("Business office, Nicole speaking"), my life parallelled the characters in many ways. I'm so glad to have this story documented!

Thanks for stopping by!

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